Field Types compatible with Pie, Bar, and Complex Chart dashboards

Luis Prudoth
Luis Prudoth
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Author: Luis Prudoth

Date: December 26, 2023

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In this article, you will learn which Field Types are compatible with Pie, Bar, and Complex Chart dashboards. 




By design, the Pie, Bar, and Complex Chart can recognize only these field types:

- Predefined Fields: createdBy, documentType, flag1, flag2, flag3, flag4, flag5, locked, lockedBy, lookup1, lookup2, lookup3, lookup4, lookup5, lookup6, lookup7, lookup8, lookup9, lookup10, modifiedBy, priority, project, release1, release2, status, user1, and user2.

- Customer Fields:
Flag, Item of TypePick ListRelease, and User


Prevention: Ensure correct field types are used to display data in these Charts.

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