Installing and Upgrading Jama Connect® v9.6 (KOTS)

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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For documentation on installing and upgrading Jama Connect® v9.6 (KOTS), please refer to the attached document at the bottom of this page. Updates were made on February 1, 2024, With KOTS formatting and updated clickable links. 

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upgrading Jama Connect® User Guides and Self-Hosted Resources: Learn how to access and share specific pages and unique URLs easily

KOTS preflight installation and upgrade checks MUST be run

Jama Connect is a Linux-based application that uses containerd to manage containers and depends on Replicated KOTS software to "orchestrate" deploying applications. The process of installing Jama Connect® includes installing and configuring the software. These tasks deliver the components necessary to run Jama Connect.

Components and what they do
Replicated KOTS — A container-based platform for quickly deploying cloud-native applications inside customers' environments, providing greater security and control. The KOTS Admin Console is the interface for installing and administering the Jama Connect application. See for details.

Containerd — A container runtime that assists in deploying, managing, and operating containers that support Jama Connect KOTS. See for details.

Jama Connect license — The license is included in your Welcome email. Save the license to your application server, then install Jama Connect.


Jama Connect® Architecture

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 10.43.32 AM.png

Users access Jama Connect by browsing the instance URL (https://jamainstanceurl.custom-

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