Jama's Defect-Fixing Process

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Author: Amanda Jennewein

Date: December 8, 2023

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Software defects are unavoidable, no matter how much we test and attempt to prevent them. We highly value your bug reports for two reasons. Firstly, they notify us of issues that we may not have been aware of, and secondly, they assist us in determining the significance and classifying the severity of the problem. Receiving your defect report is critical in determining its priority.

Jama's Defect Process

1. If you encounter any unexpected behavior while using our products, please report it to our support team by submitting a request. Our Support Engineers will try to reproduce the issue so that we can identify the root cause and provide a solution. 

2. We will try to replicate the problem you are facing on both the current version and the previous version to confirm whether it is a recurring issue. Once we identify the issue, we will assess its severity based on the number of users it affects, the extent of its impact, and the availability of any feasible solutions. We will link your support ticket and your Organization's Name to the corresponding defect that will be internally tracked with an ID number.

3. We will provide you with a defect ID we use to track its development stages internally and offer a workaround if possible.

4. Support, Engineering, and Product Teams, have regular meetings to assess the reported defects. During these meetings, the teams decide whether a defect needs fixing or not. Although a specific time frame is not established, the severity of the defect is considered when selecting which defects to address in a future sprint.

5. Our cross-functional team conducts thorough reviews of our defect backlog approximately once a month. During this review, we decide whether some defects should be removed from acting as intended or having minimal impact and severity. If the defect you reported falls under any of these categories, we will contact you to inform you of our findings. 


As a part of our process to prioritize defects, it is crucial for us to determine the number of customers that are affected. Hence, we do not offer a complete list of defects or the steps required to reproduce them proactively. It is worth noting that you can always cross-check the given defect ID with the release notes to verify if a solution has been implemented. 

To reduce customer efforts we are currently evaluating internal processes we can implement to communicate proactively when a defect is scheduled to be fixed in an upcoming release. 


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