KOTS 9.0.3 - SAML service has a "Liveness Probe failed" error at startup

Jason De Paola
Jason De Paola
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Author: Jason De Paola

Date: December 06, 2023

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Self Hosted


KOTS 9.0.3 has a known issue with the SAML pod not starting up with the following errors:


Step 1:

Create a local copy of the SAML StatefulSet yaml file. The samlSts.yaml file be located in the directory in which you run this command:

kubectl get sts/saml -o yaml > samlSts.yaml

Step 2:

Delete this data in samlSts.yaml and save the file:

Step 3:

 kubectl delete sts/saml

Step 4:

kubectl apply -f samlSts.yaml

After Step 4, the same pod will start automatically and should be OK.

Note, after this fix is applied, going forward, this must be done:
If SAML config changes are made and the application is redeployed, you must follow steps 1 - 4.
If no SAML configuration changes are made, only steps 3 - 4 are needed.


Jama Connect® KOTS requires a health check endpoint in our services “/health.” Still, in the Jama Connect® KOTS v9.0.3, the new SAML version is included (1.4.0), causing problems in the KOTS environment because it doesn’t have the “/health” endpoint and Kubernetes is killing the SAML service because when it tries to check the status it gets: “Connection refused” Resolving KOTS Runtime Error: Provisioning Jama on Migrated Server.


This is fixed in SAML 1.5.2


Additional Documentation and Resources for Support Engineers:

Review requests #71941, 72930, and 72937

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