Native - Resolving Schema-Related Errors When Upgrading Jama Connect from 8.6x to 8.7x

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Scope: Self-Hosted Jama Connect (native) during upgrade from 8.6x to 8.7x+

Audience: Everyone

Issue Summary: Users upgrading from Jama Connect versions 8.62.4 to 8.66, and potentially other 8.6x versions to 8.79.x, may encounter database-related errors preventing Jama from starting. These errors are typically logged in the contour.log file, indicating missing columns or incorrect data types, suggesting a schema mismatch.


Prerequisites for Upgrade:

  • Jama Connect 8.66 requires MySQL 8.
  • Jama Connect 8.62.4 and above may require MySQL 8+ or MSSQL 2017+.

Diagnostic Steps:

  1. Check the database software and version being used. In case of an error, verify whether MySQL 8 is in use (Jama Connect 8.66 requirement).
  2. Inspect contour.log for errors related to database schema mismatch.

Resolution Steps:

  1. Roll Back to a Previous Backup:
    • Restore the previous virtual machine backups of both the application and the database.
  2. Set Up a New MySQL 8 Instance:
    • Follow the Jama Connect Pre-Installation Instructions (LINK HERE).
    • Ensure that the Jama database is empty on the target database server.
    • Set up users, databases, and grants according to the instructions.
  3. Configuration and Restoration:
    • Upload the backup file to the restored app server in the /data/restore folder.
    • Save the configuration in the Replicated admin panel.
    • Address any configuration errors reported to the console or support bundle.
  4. Post-Restoration Steps:
    • Reindex the database.
    • Update the FQDN or server URL if changed using the 'Fix Url' and 'Fix URL References' Jama Connect® v8.79.x User Guide
    • If the IP address has changed but the hostname remains the same, update the IP address in your network's DNS settings.

Estimated Restoration Time:

  • Large databases: Up to four hours.
  • Smaller databases: Several minutes.

Additional Notes:

  • Ensure compatibility of database versions before attempting an upgrade.
  • Work closely with your IT or Jama Support teams to monitor and resolve any issues during the upgrade process.

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