How to view My Progress column in the Review Center

Alejandro Ochoa
Alejandro Ochoa
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Author: Alejandro Ochoa

Date: December 1, 2023

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Cloud and Self-Hosted


When subscribed to a review, you can view your current progression on the review by viewing the My Progress column in the Review Center. This provides you a quick glance on how far along you're in on the activities assigned to you on said review.

Note*: The My Progress column is only available to Non-Organization Admin users.


  1. As a non-organization admin user, log-in to your Jama instance.
  2. Once logged-in, navigate to the Review Center section.
  3. In the Review Center, select the My Reviews tab on upper-left hand side to display your assigned reviews. The "My Progress" bar will be available next to the "End Date" column
  4. As mentioned before, the "My Progress" column is only available to non-organization Admin users. If you're an organization Admin, you will see the My Reviews section the following way.

    This is by design and works as intended.

Additional Information/Metadata:

  • Review Center
  • My Reviews

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