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Alejandro Ochoa
Alejandro Ochoa
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Author: Alejandro Ochoa

Date: December 1, 2023

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Some relationship options are not enabled by default in Jama Connect for you to use in the relationship section of Single Items. In this case, we'll work with Relationship Status & Relationship Notes.


  1. As an organization admin, log-in to your Jama instance.
  2. Once logged-in, navigate to the Admin tab and select the Relationships section.
  3. On the Relationships section, you'll notice the Relationships Status & Relationship Notes options. Enable them so they appear on the Relationship section/grid on the Single Item type view and select Save for changes to take effect.
  4. Once you've enabled both options, you will also have to enable to True the Show Note and Show Status options for each Relationship Type you wish to have the option for. (ex. Related to, Dependent on, Derived from, etc)
  5. To enable to True, first select the Relationship Type of your choosing, and select the Edit (pencil icon) option. Once the Edit pop-up window appears, check the desired check boxes (Show Note and Show Status) and select Save. Now the options will appear as True.
  6. After having configured the Relationship Status and Relationship Notes on the Admin section, go to your Projects section and check the settings were applied correctly by choosing an item and select the Relationships option.
  7. Select one of the items of the Table Layout and select Edit, Update Relationship.
  8. You should now see the options for Relationship Status and Relationship Notes available for the Item and Relationship Type.


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