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Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2023/12/08
Release Date AU/EU: 2023/12/09


Jama Connect Advisor — Updated Scoring 

Jama Connect Advisor now provides updated scoring for INCOSE rules and EARS patterns. 

After text is analyzed, the following updates now appear at the summary level and in the Jama Connect Advisor results window: 

  • INCOSE rules show a percentage score instead of "X of Y rules flagged" 

  • A new count if EARS errors were found

Note: Jama Connect Advisor is a separately purchased add-on for Jama Connect. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information. 


Baseline In-App Compare to Current

In Baseline Document View, you can now compare a baseline's set of items to their current versions in the project.  



Additional Baseline Updates

The new Baseline Document View, which replaces the previous Baseline Reading View, provides a more comprehensive and versatile way to interact with your documents. 

Baselines now include these additional fields: 

  • Number of attachments

  • Number of links

  • Relationship status (List View only)

  • Calculated fields

  • Rollups

  • Locked status

 Baselines that were created prior to Jama Connect 9.6 now display an icon to indicate that the new fields aren't available. This icon appears in List View, Document View, the in-app comparison summary, and the Preview panel. 


REST API - GET Relationships Performance Update and Transition

We have postponed the previously announced deactivation of the previous method and parameters for calling GET /relationships until Jama Connect 9.7.  This transition focuses on performance enhancements and introduces improvements in the integration experience. The extension provides additional time to understand and adapt to the new lastId paging mechanism and combining lastId and maxResults to achieve a 1000 result limit. Make sure that your integrations are updated to accommodate the changes introduced in Jama Connect 9.2.
Transition details: 

  • Postponed Deactivation

    • The deactivation of the previous method and parameters for calling GET /relationships is now scheduled for Jama Connect 9.7.

  • Introduction of lastId Paging


Benefits of lastID Paging:

  • Reduced System Load

    • Using lastId paging contributes to a noticeable reduction in the load on the system, mitigating the potential for performance and system stability concerns.

  • Improved Integration Performance

    • The transition to lastId paging enhances the overall performance of your integration with Jama Connect.


Velocity Reporting

Velocity reporting now offers these additional endpoints to access comments in reviews:

  • getReviewCommentCount

  • getUnresolvedReviewCommentCount

  • getReviewComments

  • getRevisionCommentCount

  • getUnresolvedRevisionCommentCount

  • getRevisionComments

  • getRevisionItemCommentCount

  • getUnresolvedRevisionItemCommentCount

  • getRevisionItemComments

  • getRevisionUserItemCommentCount

  • getUnresolvedRevisionUserItemCommentCount

  • getRevisionUserItemComments

  • getRevisionWithBaseline


Performance Improvements — Review Center

This release features performance improvements in these areas:

  • Opening a review

  • Saving comments

  • Finalizing a review


Resolved Issues

ID Description

Line breaks in Rich Text fields no longer export to Excel with extra paragraph spaces. 


When you use the Relationship widget, a syntax error and endless loading icon no longer appear when you search with a special character.

SOS-DEF-7242 Images are no longer duplicated when pasted into a Rich Text field.  

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