Host Support Bundles - A tool to detect possible causes of a failed installation of KOTS

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Author: Jenna Zwick

Date: November 16th, 2023

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Jama Connect 8.74.1+ Self-Hosted (KOTS)

Summary: A support bundle is a valuable tool, but what can be done when the kURL script fails to install KOTS, and there is no way to access the Replicated Admin Panel? In such cases, you can run a script to generate a Host Support Bundle. You can run the script in either an air-gapped or internet-enabled environment. The generated file contains essential information; you can learn more about its contents and appearance below.


KOTS installation with the kURL script fails mid-install, leaving only part of the cluster constructed. Kotsadm pods are not present, and the support bundle command fails.


  1. Depending on your environment, you need to either:
  2. The support bundle will output a simple analysis on the screen, as well as generate a support bundle with a name like: replicated-support#########.tar.gz
  3. Open the support bundle with your editor of choice. There are many files in the bundle:
    (See Exploded file structure)
  4. The most crucial section is under "host-collectors" > "run-host."
    Here, you'll find the tests that were run against the app server. In the case of my example, many files in here reported errors or were not installed, prompting questions about which user ran the kURL script, which pre-setup instructions were completed, and if they did the pre-flight checks  (Screenshot)


Not setting up the environment correctly, too strong of security settings, missing prerequisites.

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