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Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2022/01/07
Release Date AU/EU: 2022/01/08 

Review Center Performance Improvements

This release features the first in a series of performance and scale improvements as we continue to align the usability and depth of capability in Jama Connect with the explosive growth of our customers' adoption and usage. In Jama Connect 8.69, users will experience a significant reduction in time to open an existing review in Review Center. While users will experience appreciable improvements in reviews of any size, larger reviews of 250+ items will see remarkable improvements in load times.   

Performance and Usability Guidance

With this release, additional guidance messages have been added throughout Jama Connect. These messages are informational only and won't prevent you from completing the intended action.

These messages are designed to:

  • Notify you when an action might have an unintended performance or usability impact.

  • Provide insights into how the application can be used more efficiently.

These messages now appear when you attempt to:

  • Create a baseline with more than 1,000 items

  • Delete more than 500 items at a time

  • Send a notification to a large group of recipients

Note: Additional performance warning messages for the Review Center and project duplication were added in the previous release. For more information, see the Jama Connect 8.68 Release Notes.

Select items to baseline


Usability Improvements

  • Comments no longer allow "blank spaces only" in Reviews, Stream, and Single Item View comment streams.

  • The Admin panel is now resizable.

Resizable admin panel

Resolved Issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-4519 Setting review page view to 250 items no longer results in significant delay in item load times.  
SOS-DEF-5085 Images resize and maintain their aspect ratio when exporting Baseline Comparison Report to PDF.
SOS-DEF-5099 Users can now relate a Test Case to a Test Plan without an error.
SOS-DEF-5279 The # of Attachments field is no longer displayed as a search filter option.

When you select a filter or test plan, the interface no longer switches to the Explorer Tree.


When you select the Test Case widget for a test run in Single Item View, and the test case is downstream of a test run, an error message no longer appears. 

SOS-DEF-5588 Exporting a Review that includes a Test Run with a Rich Text field does not show HTML markup.  
SOS-DEF-5604 When 'Allow multiple items with the same Global ID in a single project" is disabled, restoring an item will only generate a new Global ID when a another active item has the original Global ID.
SOS-DEF-5644 Editing and saving a review under specific conditions no longer results in a marshaling data error.  

You can now create a category name with a pipe character (|), and when you select a category from the project Category Tree and its name includes a hashtag (#), an error message no longer appears. 

SOS-DEF-5654 Updating Test Steps on a Test Case with the REST API no longer results in an error when attempting to view the Test Case.
SOS-DEF-5661 Number of relationships field shows correct values in Review Center reading view.  

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