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Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2021/12/10
Release Date AU/EU: 2021/12/11

Introducing the Categories Feature

We are excited to introduce the first iteration of the cross-project feature categories. Use the Categories feature to organize and view items based on classifications like configurations, allocations, releases, or features. This feature offers a view into how items and components can build a final product. 

Use the Categories feature to:

  • Allocate requirements to a hierarchy of items in a system of systems context where the items might exist in multiple projects

  • Manage releases for multiple items that live in multiple projects

  • Identify variants of products

  • Organize and view items in a cross-project hierarchy

The Categories feature is available in these areas of Jama Connect:

  • Admin

  • Single Item View

  • Categories tab, when enabled, in the Explorer Tree

  • Labs API:
    • Associate categories with an item
    • Retrieve categories that are associated with an item

In future releases, Categories will be supported in these features: 

  • List View, Reading View, Trace View

  • Filters

  • Exports

  • Velocity reports

  • Baselines

  • Review Center

  • Item version history

  • Item activity

  • Project activity stream

  • Imports

Enabling the Categories option

The Categories option is disabled by default. The organization admin must enable it for the option to appear in Jama Connect and be available for users.

When enabled, users with read/write permissions can interact with:

  1. Categories tab in the Explorer Tree

  2. Categories table in Single Item View

  3. Manage categories button in Single Item View, Reading View, and List View

When enabled,
 organization admins can interact with:

1. Categories admin tree

2. Selected category path option 

3. Variations of selected category option

Roles for the Categories feature 

Your role determines which tasks you can perform when you use the Categories feature. 


Responsibilities and actions 

User with read/write permissions 

  • Organize your requirements across projects. 

  • Apply a category to items from Single Item View, List View, or Reading View. 

  • View categorized items in the Category tree. 

  • See a list of cross-project items. 

  • View Category paths. 

  • View Category path IDs. 

Organization admin 

  • Control and manage the Category tree: 

    • Add, move, copy, and merge categories. 

    • Edit, remove and delete a category. 

  • See category details like description, when it was created, and the last time it was used. 

  • View Category paths. 

  • View Category path IDs. 

  • View Category IDs. 


New Performance and Usability Guidance 

With this release, several new guidance messages have been added throughout Jama Connect. These messages are informational only and won't prevent you from completing the intended action. Additional messages will be added in a future release of Jama Connect.  

These messages are designed to:

  • Notify you when an action might have an unintended performance or usability impact.

  • Provide insights into how the application can be used more efficiently.

These messages now appear when you:

  • Create a review with more than 500 items

  • Send a review to more than 30 recipients

  • Copy a project with more than 10,000 items

Updates to the Admin Workflow

  • A warning message now appears when you enable or disable the workflow for your organization.

  • A warning message now appears when a project manager enables or disables the project workflow override option for a project.

  • Drop-down menus are now searchable.

  • Workflow page layout has been updated for a better user experience. 


Updates from Customer Feedback 

New Option for Exporting Velocity Reports to Excel

As a root user, you can configure settings that allow users to export a Velocity report to Excel in XLSX format.
Users can now export directly to Excel rather than using the legacy format.

  • In some cases, custom reports written in support of XLS format (legacy), might require minor formatting corrections.

  • This new option is available only for Velocity reports; for other report types, the XLS format (legacy) option is still available. 

  • This option is not enabled by default. You must manually configure this option for each report. 

New Community Report: "Baseline Diff One Column" Report

This release adds a new Visual Comparison Report. You can use a visually enhanced version of the Baseline Comparison Report to measure progress in your requirements from baseline to baseline. Similar to a Jama Connect version comparison view, you can configure, run, and export this new report.

You can also analyze requirement changes by looking for these indicators: 

  • Additions to text — Green text with green dotted underline

  • Deletions to text — Red text with red highlight

  • Deleted images — Border highlighted in red

  • Resized Images — Dotted-line border highlighted in blue

  • New images — Border highlighted in green

  • Changes to relationships — Appear the same as the original Baseline Compare report

You will be able to access the reports to install from here:  
Baseline to Baseline Diff Community Reports GitHub repo

Do you have feedback? Join our Community where you can comment on this idea card in our Customer Ideation Portal.

New Quick-Add Option

You can now access the Quick-add option from a subset of items:

  • From Single Item View, select Sub-item widget > Arrow icon > Quick add


Additional Test Center Customization Options

For the Test Run item type, you can now use Editor Templates in custom rich text fields:

  • Organization admins can configure the default Editor Templates for the Test Run item type in the Admin panel.

  • Templates can be edited in the Test Execution window.

  • To export the Editor Template information for a Test Run item: From Single Item View, select Export > View all templates > All Item Details, then click Run.

Usability Improvements

  • Tooltips now appear when you expand and collapse the Explorer Tree.

  • Item type names with more than 30 characters are now shortened to avoid text wrapping in the header. 

  • The Details option is now displayed at the top of the organization admin navigation panel.

  • In List View, Reading View, and Single Item View, labels on the action buttons now display the icon only (depending on the size of your screen).

Resolved Issues

ID Description

In Single Item View, the Workflow field no longer switches between values when a corresponding item, created by the Jama Connect API, uses a non-default value for that field. 


The Item Path field is no longer displayed as a search filter option. 


As root admin, you can now edit an organization admin's username and license information.


In the "Update moderators/Add review/Request review delegation" windows, the placeholder text in the search field is now cleared when you enter text.


You can now lock items for test plans and test runs. 


When using the Quick-add option, items are no longer duplicated if you click Save more than once. 


When you perform a sync with Crowd, large sets of users are now successfully removed. 


When you select View Moved Items in the Activity Stream, API IDs are no longer displayed in the content header. 


The View details link no longer appears in the post-reuse content header. 


Licenses are now updated for users who are removed then re-enabled with Crowd sync.


Known Issue

ID Description

If you create a category name with a pipe character (|), the category List View header displays only the text after the pipe character.

When you select a category from the project Category Tree and its name includes a hashtag (#), this error message appears: "Syntax error: Your search contains invalid search parameters. Update your query and try again."


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