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Carly Rossi
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Release Date EU/US: 2021/11/12
Release Date AU: 2021/11/13


Remove and Recover Items from a Review 

With this release, review moderators can remove and recover items from active reviews without altering the project source. 

  • When you pair these actions with the Approval workflow, those items remain in their original state and aren't updated when the review is finalized. 

  • When an item is removed from the review and the review is republished, the item in the corresponding baseline is also removed. 

When items are removed, you can't:

  • Access Single Item View from the review

  • Approve, reject, or add comments

  • Edit the item

To Remove Items from a Review:

  1. In the review, select the triangle drop-down menu next to the items you want to remove, then select Remove.

     The "Tagged for removal label" appears.  

2. Publish a new revision to remove the items from the review.

A label appears with the version the item was removed in. 

To Recover Items in a Review:

  1. In the review, select Recover to recover the item you removed. 

       The "Tagged for recovery" label appears.    

   2. Click Publish new revision to recover the item. 

Usability Improvements

  • When a user with read-only permissions selects an item from List View or Reading View, they no longer see the Reuse button. 

  • When you reopen a saved and released Trace View, previously selected items are now saved. 

  • The Export drop-down menu has a new design and language pattern.


  • The Add drop-down menu now includes a plus icon. 

  • In List View or Reading View, the text for the "number of selected items" has been updated.


Updates from Customer Feedback

  • With this release, exporting using Velocity PDFs now support additional languages. Prior to this release, if users authored content in Jama Connect in Japanese, Chinese and Korean, it was not exportable to Velocity PDF. 
    • The following languages are now verified as supported: Chinese, Albanian, Polish, Hindi, Portuguese, Punjabi, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Russian, Igbo, Serbian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Thai, Vietnamese, Georgian, Marathi, Greek, and Norwegian. 

      *Velocity PDF exports cannot translate languages.

Coming Soon — Categories (In Progress)

In a future release, Jama Connect will introduce the cross-project feature Categories. With this feature, organizations can organize and view items by categories like configurations, allocations, or features. This feature must be enabled by your Organization admin to manage categories in a hierarchical tree view.

You Can Use Categories to:

  • Allocate requirements to a physical or logical architecture in a system of systems context where the items might exist in multiple projects

  • Manage releases for multiple items that live in multiple projects

Categories Will Be Available in These Areas of Jama Connect:

  • Admin

  • Single Item View

  • Categories tab, when enabled, in the left-hand Explorer Tree navigation

  • Labs API:
    • Associate categories with an item
    • Retrieve categories that are associated with an item

Features Supported in Future Releases of Categories: 

  • List View, Reading View, Trace View

  • Filters

  • Exports

  • Velocity reports

  • Baselines

  • Review Center

  • Item version history

  • Item activity

  • Project activity stream

  • Imports

Resolved Issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-515 When you rename a test cycle, the new name now appears immediately when it's exported. 

Now when you re-create a field with the same name as a field that was deleted, the name is saved as written.


HTML tags no longer appear in the Activity Stream after you delete a comment from an item. 


HTML tags no longer appear in the Details Preview Panel when you add a relationship. 


HTML tags no longer appear in the Activity Stream after you delete related items. 


In the Participant progress tab of a review, the Time Spent column no longer appears when Enable time tracking is not selected. 

SOS-DEF-5499 <><) icon="icon" and="and" added="added" padding="padding" between="between" divider="divider" for="for" modify="Modify" remove="Remove" actions"}="actions"}" style="width: 810.215px;">

A tooltip now appears when you hover over the Project Selector icon (<<) and space was added between the divider for Modify | Remove


In List View or Reading View, you can now select more than 50 items and send them for review or select Relate to existing


When you hover over a test plan, the author's name now appears. 

SOS-DEF-5570 Associated test cases are now included when you send a review from a test plan. 
SOS-DEF-5624 Performance improvement related to View all locked items count.


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