Jama Connect® 8.65 Cloud

Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US/EU: 2021/09/17
Release Date AU: 2021/09/18


The Review Center Header Gets a New Look

This release continues the introduction of a new interface design for the Jama Connect Review Center. For a consistent and organized user experience, we created a standardized design pattern to make actions and views more visible. Buttons replace drop-down menus and interactive links (breadcrumb navigation) now indicate the location in your project hierarchy.



Add Multiple Items with "Quick Add"

When brainstorming with your team, you may want to quickly capture the flow of ideas. In Jama Connect, the Quick add option lets you easily add multiple items using only the Name and Description fields. After you create the item, you can edit it to add more fields. 


Within the Quick Add module:

  • Add up to 50 rows at a time.
    • Each row represents a single item that can be added to a set of like items. 
  • Use the tab key to quickly move across the table. 

  • Module will respect item-type configurations of the Description field (read-only, required field)




Newly-Updated Trace View Header

This release adds new enhancements to the interface design for the Jama Connect Trace View header. This update includes a consistent and organized user experience. We've created a standardized design pattern to make actions and views more visible. Buttons replace drop-down menus.


Additional Features

  • A new confirmation modal when enabling/disabling workflow options in the Admin area.

  • A new link to "Go to item" in a new browser tab from the item preview menu in Review Center.


Resolved Issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-1730 A trace view can now be generated when items are added in a release already opened in List View.
SOS-DEF-5408 Users are no longer able to create duplicate relationships through reuse and "Add relationship to original item."
SOS-DEF-5413 The View all Locked items and Send for review buttons were not aligned properly when 'Relate item(s)' window was opened.

In some recent Jama Connect Cloud instances, the Current Version and Version fields appeared multiple times in a field pick list. This release resolves this issue.

SOS-DEF-5495 Office Template reports no longer fail with a Java error.   

Known Issues

ID Description

When overriding a workflow, project admins see the message "You don't have permission to perform this action." 


After changing the workflow setting for an item type from the Project Admin page, the New Status drop-down menu doesn't appear. 

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