Jama Connect® 8.64 Cloud

Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US/EU: 2021/08/20
Release Date AU: 2021/08/21


Updates from Customer Feedback

  • Project Admins can now unlock user-locked items in Single Item View

  • Organizational Admins can now apply a setting which will allow two locked items to be related to each other


Resolved Issues

ID Description

 Locked items can be unlocked by a project admin with the appropriate permissions. 

SOS-DEF-4625 Users with create/edit permissions can now assign a test case to a test group from the API using POST /testplans/{id}/testgroups/{testGroupId}/testcases.
SOS-DEF-5334 Project admins can now unlock single items in their assigned projects.

When you send items for review, a notification now appears in the activity stream. 

SOS-DEF-5476 You can now batch edit items from a smart filter list without receiving an error.  

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