Jama Connect® 8.63.1 Cloud, hotfix

Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2021/08/03
Release Date AU/EU: 2021/08/04


The Jama Connect Header Gets a New Look

This release continues the introduction of a new interface design for the Jama Connect content headers. For a consistent and organized user experience, we created a standardized design pattern to make actions and views more visible. Buttons replace drop-down menus and interactive links (breadcrumb navigation) now indicate the location in your project hierarchy. 

The header is divided into two sections:

  • Views — Information and actions that relate to the presentation of your data. 

  • Actions — The things you can do with the currently displayed content. 

Where Can I See It? 

The new header design now also appears in Single Item View, List View, and Reading View. Previously, it was first introduced to Baselines. In a future release, this design will also be available in Reviews and Trace View. 



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