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Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2021/06/04
Release Date AU/EU: 2021/06/05


SAML and Multi-Mode Authentication: New Option That Controls User Provisioning

You can now control the auto-provisioning of new SAML users in both single SAML and multi-mode. If your users are set up as a user in SAML but not yet added to your user table, this option allows you to control whether users can auto-provision in Jama Connect.

  • New option, Disable the auto-generation of new SAML users, was added to the root admin authentication properties. 

  • When this checkbox is selected and properties are saved, your SAML users (SAML and multi-mode) can't sign in to Jama Connect until you add them to the user table. A message tells them to finish the authentication process with their administrator. 

  • This option is selected by default after you upgrade to Jama Connect 8.62. 

  • Cloud customers, if you prefer that new SAML users appear in your instance before they are actually set up (with the correct Permissions, Licenses, User Groups) in the Jama User Table, please contact Support. They can de-select this option in your Root menu.

Updates from Customer Feedback

New Field Type: Float
You can now use custom floating decimal fields to accurately capture values and avoid converting values to another data type. The float field follows IEEE 754. These fields can be positive or negative.

Attachments in Reviews
Moderators now have the opportunity to include item attachments in the Review Center.

Additional Updates

  • Test runs are now automatically unlocked when a user's session times out.

  • New pop-up notification now informs users when download is complete and available on the Reports History page. 

Usability Improvements


  • When you apply an activity filter to a review, then select an action (approve or reject, review, follow or unfollow), the page now reloads and takes you back to your previous location in the review. 

  • When viewing all your reviews in the table view and opening a review in a new browser tab, you no longer see an error. 

REST API Updates

The REST API now supports PUT and PATCH for custom fields in a test run to align with recent updates in UI. These options are available with /v1 and were previously available only within /labs.


Resolved Issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-2587 When you use these field values in a duplicated project, they now match the time and user who performed the duplication: createdBy, createdDate, modifiedBy, and modifiedDate. 
SOS-DEF-5251 The filter conditions "Empty" and "Is Not Empty" now return the correct results. 
SOS-DEF-5332 Large image attachments are now uploaded correctly after a virus scan runs. 

When right-clicking and selecting "Open in New Tab/Window" on a Review, the selected Review opens (instead of an "Oh No" page.)  

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