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Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2022/10/14
Release Date AU/EU: 2022/10/15


Test Management Updates

  • Deleted test runs are now logged in the project activity stream.

  • Make Test Runs Current is now called Sync Test Runs to Test Cases for improved clarity. 

  • When you select Sync Test Runs to Test Cases — previously called Make Test Runs Current — the test run is now versioned instead of replaced.
    • Synced test runs are versioned and updated to reflect the changes from the test case; any previous progress, results, or statuses are saved in the test run version history.
      • To restore previous results, select Make current in the test run version history widget. 

  • While you edit the contents of a test cycle, selecting the same test groups no longer deletes and replaces the test runs that haven't run.

  • When you edit the contents of a test cycle, and the selected groups or statuses alter the contents of the cycle, you can now preview changes before committing them.

New Categories Labs API Endpoints

Organization admins can now create categories from the Labs API: 


Ability to Manually Update Applied Categories

Organization admins now have the ability to perform a manual update to applied categories with current and historical items. To perform this action, select Admin > Organization > Categories, then click Clean up categories


Performance Improvements 

Review Center Dashboard 

This release includes additional improvements to the enable the Review Center views to load much faster than previously, even if you have a large number of reviews. 


Usability Updates


  • HTML title tags now appear in the Admin Category tree. When hovering over an icon, admins now see these category types:
    • Global category
    • Project category 
    • Unassigned category
  • The header in Category List View now contains active links.

License Administration

  • The language for the Downgrade and Denial statistics has been changed from Number of users - to Number of login attempts -, to more accurately describe the captured data. 

  • The percentage of licenses used on a daily bases was updated. Now, when you view all license types, the statistic represents the overall percentage instead of a sum of each licenses' percentage. 


When you select an item with previous versions in the baseline, the historical view of that item opens in Single Item View. Selecting an item's link from a baseline will route you to the baselined version — historical or current. You can hover over a link to see the available versions of an item.


Version History

When you click Make current from an item's version history widget, you now see a confirmation message. Improvements were also made to the system comments and activity logs to more clearly indicate that the version has been copied. 



Jama Connect now utilizes OpenSearch for application-wide searching and other index-driven applications. OpenSearch is a community-driven, open-source search suite and is a fork of Elasticsearch that was first announced in January 2021. 


Coming Soon — Jama Connect Advisor™

Following the release of Jama Connect 8.79, Jama Software will be launching Jama Connect Advisor, a fully integrated add-on product for Jama Connect Cloud to help users write effective, efficient, and well-organized requirements. Based on industry-accepted INCOSE rules (International Council for Systems Engineering) and EARS notation (Easy Approach to Requirements Syntax), Jama Connect Advisor utilizes natural language processing to deliver insights into requirement quality and accuracy in real-time.

For more information and to try a free, beta version of this technology, please visit labs.jamasoftware.com.    


Resolved Issues

ID Description

When workflow versioning is disabled, you no longer receive an error when retrieving baselines via the REST API. 


When you route items with the same version as the baseline, the UI now automatically refreshes when you navigate back to the previous page. 


Admins can no longer add a customer field named Item Path to items, which previously caused a conflict with the existing Item Path field.  


In Single Item View for a historical item version, the Relationship widget now displays the correct number.


From Admin > Organization > Item types, a highlighted selection now remains on the row when you select the up or down arrow to move to another selected field. 


Known Issues

ID Description

When you export a baseline with categories, the categories do not maintain the baselined information. 


From the Manage Categories window, categories can't be grouped. 


Categories with more than four spaces in the middle of the name are displayed inconsistently across Jama Connect. 

SOS-DEF-6616 A 400 error appears when you edit a category name that uses all lowercase to include uppercase letters.

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