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Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2022/09/16
Release Date AU/EU: 2022/09/17


End of Life (EOL) Features — New Section in Admin Details Page

The Organization Admin Details page now includes a new section, EOL Features, that lists which features will be discontinued. EOL features can be enabled or disabled as needed.  ​


End of Life for Trace Matrix Feature

As announced in the 8.76 release notes, the Trace Matrix will no longer be supported within the next year. This decision was guided both by the superior capabilities and the significantly higher usage (over 20x) of Trace View.  

With this release, an organization admin now controls the visibility of the Trace Matrix feature in Jama Connect; by default, it is disabled (Off). This configuration is available only until the Fall 2023 self-hosted release, when the Trace Matrix feature will EOL. 

New Dashboard Widget: Complex Chart Widget

This release introduces the Complex Chart Widget, which is a reusable, configurable dashboard widget -- it displays a granular snapshot of data based on filter, field, and series selections.  


The first enabled chart type is the Stacked Bar Chart. The Stacked Bar Chart has a wide range of filters, fields, and series selections that display data in a user-friendly format.


View Previous Versions of An Item

In Single Item View, you can now use a new Version drop-down menu to view the differences between items that have more than one version. View the history of an item to quickly identify changes and track progress. 


When you view an older version of an item: 

  • The in-app tab appears in blue.

  • The Relationship widget displays all relationships up to the version that is being viewed.

  • The Categories table displays a new Unapplied column.
    • The table represents when a category was applied or unapplied.


When previewing an item in a baseline, you can choose to navigate to the most current version or to the baselined version. 


Ability to Enable Category Management for Locked Items

Organization admins now have the option to allow users to manage categories on system-locked and user-locked items.  

  • This option is disabled by default. 

  • When enabled, users with read/write access can manage Categories on locked items.

  • When enabled or disabled, a message appears in the Admin Activity stream. 


Categories Feature Now Available in Baselines

When enabled by an organization admin, historical versions of Categories are now visible in the baseline.   


List View:


Reading View:


Performance Improvements: Review Center Dashboard 

The Review Center views now load much faster than previously, even if you have a large number of reviews. 


Resolved Issues

ID Description

The complete list of Editor templates is now visible in the Organization Admin menu.


Bullets and numbering are now consistently applied to the selected test step cell.


When you select a formatting option from the Text Editor, the cursor now remains in the highlighted cell.


When an item is removed from an older version of a review, its associated comments now appear in Single Item View. 


In Review Center Reading View, the Test Case field for a test run is now correctly displayed.


In the section for usage stats for the last 30 days for all licenses, the stats for the Number of days where 80% or more of licenses were in use now displays the correct number.


When you view an older review, an error message no longer appears. 


Known Issues

ID Description

When you route items with the same version as the baseline, the UI doesn't automatically refresh when you navigate back to the previous screen.


In Single Item View for a historical item version, the Relationship widget sometimes displays the incorrect number.

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