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Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2022/07/22
Release Date AU/EU: 2022/07/23

SCIM Provisioning for Group Management

This release builds on the new System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) user management workflows introduced in Jama Connect 8.74. Your organization can now automatically provision groups from Okta into Jama Connect. 

With SCIM group management, you can:

  • Create new organization-level groups

  • Read existing org-level group membership.

  • Update org-level group membership (add/remove)

  • Delete org-level groups

In addition to SCIM support for Okta, Jama Connect now includes SCIM support for Microsoft Azure AD. Contact Jama Customer Support to assist with enablement and to ensure successful implementation. 

Announcing EOL Support for Trace Matrix

Within the following year, the Trace Matrix will no longer be supported. In an upcoming release, default access to the Trace Matrix will be disabled. Organization Admins can manually enable access to the Trace Matrix until this feature is officially EOL; more details will come in future releases and accompanying release notes.


Improvements from Community User Feedback

You Can Now Quickly Scan and Identify the Relationship Status for Live Traceability Coverage in Your List of Requirement Items

  • Individual icons will become highlighted in their coordinating color when the item violates the relationship rule applied to the project. Hovering your cursor over the icon will display the specific relationship status name in a tooltip:
    • An orange exclamation point icon in the first column indicates Suspect Item.
    • Causing Suspect is indicated by a yellow question mark icon in the second column.
    • Orphan Item is indicated by a teal-up arrow in the third column.
    • Missing Downstream is indicated by a teal down arrow in the fourth column.


  • In List View and Trace View, unique icons for the Relationship Status Indicator now display the "Relationship Status" show/hide fields column configuration.

  • When you hover the arrow icon, informative tooltips now appear. 

  • Relationship status icons now appear in separate columns. 

Note: In Jama Connect 8.77, new icons will appear in the Dashboard filter widget.

Do you have feedback on the Relationship Status feature improvements? Join our Community where you can comment on this Ideation card


Ability to Expand Row Height in Baseline List View

  • In List View for baselines, you can manually expand the row height and toggle between Condensed, Medium, and Extended row heights. 

Do you have feedback on the "Adjustable Row Height" feature for baselines? Join our Community where you can comment on this Ideation card.

Improved Activity Stream Audit Messaging for Clearing Suspect Links

  • Simplified messaging describes which item relationship was modified by clearing the Suspect Link.

  • Clearing the Suspect Link in one item produces a second audit activity for the coordinating related item.

Do you have any feedback on the ability to clear all Suspect Links on an item? Join our Community where you can comment on this Ideation card

Usability Updates

  • In the Project activity stream, a link now takes you to the source in the baseline tree.

  • The item types list now correctly displays all data, even when you change the screen size.

  • The "Lock" button now includes the locked and unlocked icons.

  • The gear settings icon and its drop-down menu were replaced with a new layout button.

  • When you publish an edited item in a review, your scroll position is now maintained in the details of the review.

  • The item types page for organization admins includes improved language and behavior.
    • The Add item option is now the Add field.
      • When a new item is added, the right panel now opens automatically.
  • The Picklists page for organization admins includes improved language and behavior.
  • The UI text items are now values.
    • When a new item is added, the right panel now opens automatically.
  • Info tips for multi-select item type fields are now consistent in Reading View, List View, and Reviews. 

Resolved Issues

ID Description

Deleted upstream relationships no longer appear below the Relationship widget in a Test Run item


You can now move versioned attachments to a different project without an error.


In Single Item View, when you add sub-items from the Explorer Tree and Add item options, the content header name is now correctly displayed


Multiple links are no longer created in the component header breadcrumb when the set name contains a '|' vertical bar with or without spaces


In a review, a delay in comment replies no longer allows for a different reply for the same comment.

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