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Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2022/06/24
Release Date AU/EU: 2022/06/25

Introducing Lookup Matrix Calculated Field Type

Lookup matrices serve as a source for logic-based calculations in lookup matrix type calculated fields, and provide logic-based calculations (for example, 3 * 5 = High).

They also can return results with color formatting, which visually helps users interpret the calculation results.

Admin Changes 

Pick lists now have a type:

  • Standard: Default single-select field

  • Lookup Matrix: Appropriate when planning to use pick list in a logic-based calculation (powered by lookup matrices)


New Admin Tab — Lookup Matrix

You can now configure lookup matrices as the calculation source for Lookup matrix type calculated fields. 


New Calculated Field Type  Lookup Matrix

When configuring a calculated field, you can now select the Lookup matrix type (along with the existing options for SumMultiply, and Weighted Shortest Job First). 


Advanced Filters Now Include Categories

When you create a filter, you can now select Categories and choose is equal to or is not equal to when you add a rule. 


Categories Now Include Project Activity Messages

When you apply or unapply categories to items:

  • A project activity stream message now appears

  • A Single Item View activity message now appears


REST API Updates

  • POST /picklist endpoint now includes the option for STANDARD and LOOKUP_MATRIX type pick lists

  • GET /pick list endpoint now returns STANDARD and LOOKUP_MATRIX type pick lists


Usability Updates

  • The Find items secondary panel tree, results, and selected items UI have been updated to provide consistency and align with Jama Software design standards.


  • The Find items search capabilities now allow you to search by item ID, tags, name, and description.


  • The Find items and Filter items by windows now include condensed headers, borders, and backgrounds.
    • Updates were also made to their search box, tab index orders, accessibility, and more for improved consistency with Jama Software design standards. 

  • Now, when you add source content with '<pre>' HTML tag (pre-formatted text), the text is wrapped so you can compare the types of items more easily. 


  • Infotips are now supported for multi-select fields

  • When an organization or process admin edits a pick list or item type, the content in the right panel now automatically reflects their selections.
    • This update prevents unintentional changes to the wrong item or pick list. 
  • Test execution window now reflects the same field order as test case and test run items, with description presented above test steps instead of below them.

  • When you delete a custom field from an item type, that data is now automatically removed, avoiding issues in calculations and item updates when the unique field name is reused later. 

Resolved Issues

ID Description

In a review, when you click CommentReply, or Resolve in a comment without text, validation is no longer missing in review, stream, and item comments. 


When you export a Word, Excel, or PDF file that includes the Lookup Matrix type, the string format is now displayed correctly in the Calculated and Logic field.


When you switch to the Categories List View tab, the screen no longer refreshes and your selections are preserved.


In a review, the action drop-down menu now closes as expected.


When you delete a custom field from an item type that data is now automatically removed, avoiding issues in calculations and item updates when the unique field name is reused later.


Users with create/edit permissions without project admin permissions can use the REST API to assign a test case to a test group.


In a review, when a comment is resolved by a moderator, that comment is now saved correctly and the item content is not impacted.


The correct number is now displayed for the Collaborator license count that appears on the Admin and Root pages.

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