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Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2022/04/01
Release Date AU/EU: 2022/04/02


Performance Improvements

This release features performance and scale improvements in our continuous efforts to align usability and capability in Jama Connect with our customers' growing adoption and usage. 

Experience significant improvements when deleting a large number of items, such as an entire set or folder.  


New Labs API Endpoints 

This release introduces the following new Labs API Endpoints:


Update to the Review Center Actions Menu 

Language in the Review Center Actions menu and window has been updated to reflect the same pattern as the Project workflow. When you select multiple items for batch update, the text is now Edit instead of Update.


Updates from Customer Feedback 

  • Understand from what source the information you are reporting on by adding the new List Source ID parameter in your context-sensitive Velocity reports.
    • Sources include filters, baselines, folders or sets, etc.

  • Use the REST API to return the connected Review ID of the baseline it was derived from.

  • Attachments in Review Center will now appear in the item only when the user has the correct read permissions to view the attachment.


Resolved Issues

ID Description

Reviews that are created at the same time now have different review numbers.


When you edit an item in a review, existing tags are now visible.


CSV exports from Trace View now show quotation marks (") correctly.


When you insert an image into a shape from the Diagram Editor, those changes are now saved and displayed correctly.


In Review Center Single Item View, related item links are now displayed correctly for all items.


If the "subscribe others" setting is disabled and you try to subscribe a user, then click OK when prompted, Jama Connect is no longer stuck in a loop.


Text for Review Center comments now wraps correctly and is no longer truncated.


Review Center settings are now saved when you click Save Settings in review templates.


When you compare versions of an item, contents in tables now accurately reflects any changes.


Project settings are now saved when a customer's database includes a specific property value.


If a reviewer is tagged with @mention in the top level of the comment box, and isn't attached to items, the total now appears in My Mentions.


When you use a calculated field as input with another calculated field in the same item, the reuse and sync option now works correctly. 


Known Issues

ID Description

When an organization admin tries to copy or move an existing category, the Category tree organization options window doesn't appear. 

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