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Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2022/03/04
Release Date AU/EU: 2022/03/04


Jama Connect 8.71 Exceeds All Published SaaS Performance and Scale Benchmarks Within the Requirements Management and Product Lifecycle Management PLM Space

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Redesigned Relationship Settings 

This release introduces a new design, which now clearly indicates the direction of the relationship created between two items.


Performance Improvements

This release features performance and scale improvements in our continuous efforts to align usability and capability in Jama Connect with our customers' growing adoption and usage. 

Experience significant improvements when you batch update or batch workflow transition multiple items. 

 Important: The batch update improvement requires a separate zero-downtime settings update by Jama Software after the release.  This improvement will be available on or before Wednesday, March 9, 2022.


Admin-Configurable Infotips for Field Labels and Pick List Values

Admins can now configure infotips for field labels and pick list values.

Because field labels and pick list values are concise by design, infotips can provide clarity on their meaning. This can reduce time to train new users and time spent by occasional users looking at help docs and wiki pages. It also reduces the risk of users misinterpreting field labels and pick list values. 


  • Are an optional configuration — Off by default when no text is present in the infotip; on automatically when text is present.

  • Can be configured by organization admins for both field labels (while configuring fields in item types) and pick list values (while configuring values in pick lists).

  • Are visible to any user with project access when they hover their mouse over a field label or pick list value, or when expanding a pick list selector.


Extended Capability for Calculated Fields for Risk Scoring

Admins can now use a calculated field as input to another calculated field within the same item (not across related items).

When you are configuring a calculate field, additional calculated fields only appear as an input option if they haven't already been used in any other calculations. Once a calculated field is used in another calculated field, it is automatically filtered out of future calculated input options. 

For example: 

If field 3 = [field 1 * field 2], then field 5 can = [field 3 * field 4], so long as field 4 is not also a calculated field.


If field 5 = [field 3 * field 4] then field 7 can't = [field 3 * field 6] because field 3 was already used in another calculated field and won't show up as a calculation input option while you configure field 7.

This feature is generically available for all calculated fields, but the intention is to better support our customers using Jama Connect for risk scoring activities. Having the ability to extend calculations means likelihood and probability scoring calculations can function as an input into overall risk and severity scoring calculations.  

In the future, we will expand our support for formatted and logic-based results for calculated fields, adding methods to automate translation of risk scoring for end user. Watch for more improvements in future releases.

@mention Feature in Review Comments

In a review, you can now use the @mention feature to direct comments to a specific reviewer. This is useful when you have several reviewers and need to direct a question to a specific subject matter expert.

  • Only users participating in the review appear in the list of possible reviewers who can be tagged with @mention.

  • Anyone participating in the review can use the @mention feature to tag other participants. 

  • Comments that include @mention are highlighted by color.

    • Light yellow = comment for you.

    • Light blue = comment for another reviewer. 

To use the @mention feature:

1. In a review, select the comment icon and type @ followed by the name of the reviewer. 

2. Type your message, then click Comment

3. (Optional) To display only items where you are mentioned, select Filters > My mentions

Do you have feedback on the @mention feature? Join our Community, where you can comment on this Ideation card.


Updates from Customer Feedback 

"Restore defaults" Button Now Available in List View and Reading View

You can now quickly reset your project List View and Reading View to the original administrator defaults in the Show/hide fields configuration panel (enabled only for lists with single item types). 


Do you have feedback on this "Restore defaults" button? Join the conversation in this Jama Software Community Ideation card.


Report Type Identifier Added to Report Detail View

Report type is revealed in a newly added Report Detail area in the Run Reports module.


Usability Improvements

  • Updates to the Select items to baseline window, the Duplicate projects window, and the List View last saved information in the main header to make the data more consistent with current Jama Connect UI standards.


  • New slide-over panels are now enabled by default system-wide. Updated slide-over panels include Baselines item previewTrace view item previewAdmin activity historyAttachments preview, and Links preview.

    • Enhancements include a more consistent UI, all slide-overs are now resizable, and linked items in other projects now open in a new browser tab.


  • The Export drop-down menu and window references "Export options" to be more accurate when referencing export types.

    • Test runs and the Items with attachments widget now have updated UI and language on their Export drop-down menus.


  • The inactive Collapse button has been removed from the tree’s temporary preview panel display.


  • Category type, project count, and item count have been added to the Selected category path header in the organization admin area of Jama Connect.


Diagram Editor Upgrade

The Diagram Editor was upgraded to enhance usability and provide further support for character diagram rendering, including for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters. 


Resolved Issues 

ID Description

The compare item view in the Review Center now shows heading numbers.


The second publish confirmation modal is no longer blocked by a continuous creating revision spinner.


After adding HTML to the accepted attachments formats, Velocity reports are downloaded from the reports history page and opened in a new browser tab.


Moderator's abilities are no longer impacted when editing a review that is approved and finalized.


In the header of the project activity stream messages, the inactive links to a baseline source have been converted to labels because routing to a baseline source isn't possible.


The Review Center tab in the My Profile window has been updated to reflect the language change from "Follow" to "Subscribe." This change is consistent with the recently updated language in reviews.


When you click on an item link from the Filters list, the "Find me" action now works correctly.


When all items are removed from a review, they are now correctly displayed when the option Show removed items is enabled.


To prevent an error, you can no longer enter data in the Batch transition field. Instead, you must select a field.


Custom date fields now show the correct date. 


You can now configure core fields in the "Items assigned to me" section of the projects dashboard.


Users no longer receive a "TypeError" when reloading or opening a review.


Known Issues 

ID Description

If the tree hasn't been refreshed when trying to move a category that was already removed, the error does not display the correct message.


"My mentions" quick filter in Review Center: When established Review Center comment @mention is edited or deleted, the count doesn't reflect the reduction.


"My mentions" quick filter in Review Center: If a reviewer is tagged with @mention in the top level of the comment box (not attached to any item) in the feedback area, that count is reflected but now shows in the "Filter items by" results because it is not attached to any item.


When you use a calculated field as input with another calculated field in the same item, then attempt to reuse and sync the item, an error occurs and it won't complete.

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