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Release Date US: 2022/11/11
Release Date AU/EU: 2022/11/12


Now Available — Jama Connect Advisor™

On October 26, 2022, Jama Software launched Jama Connect Advisor, a fully integrated add-on product for Jama Connect Cloud which helps users write effective, efficient, and well-organized requirements. Based on industry-accepted INCOSE rules (International Council for Systems Engineering) and EARS notation (Easy Approach to Requirements Syntax), Jama Connect Advisor utilizes natural language processing to deliver insight into requirement quality and accuracy in real-time.

For details and licensing information, visit our website or contact your Jama Software Customer Success Manager.  


Introducing Multiple Project Dashboards

With this release, you can now expand dashboard organization and categorize data with individually-named project dashboards. Project and organization admins can create, edit, or delete a dashboard. Users with read/write permissions can view dashboards created by their admins; work with your admin to create a dashboard with the widgets that best support your team's needs.

Organization and project admins can now click on Add dashboard to name and create project dashboards within these parameters: 

  • The initial project dashboard is allowed an unlimited number of widgets but, for optimal performance, we recommend a maximum of 20 widgets.

    • Subsequent dashboards are limited to 20 widgets. 
  • You can have a maximum of 20 dashboards per project.

When you use the dashboard feature, your role determines your interactions and the options that are available. 

Role Responsibilities and Actions
User with read/write permissions
  • View the dashboards created by an admin
  • Choose your default dashboard
  • Download or view data from a chart
  • Switch dashboards
  • Print the contents of your dashboard
Organization and project admins
  • Create, edit, and delete dashboards for users with read/write permissions
  • Choose your default dashboard
  • Download or view data from a chart
  • Switch dashboards
  • Print the contents of your dashboard

For more information about the dashboard feature, see Working with dashboards in the Jama Connect User Guide


Updates to Velocity PDF — Table of Contents, Table of Tables, and Table of Figures

For Velocity PDF exports and reports, there is a new configuration available in the Add/Edit Report modal to include a Table of Contents, Table of Tables, and Table of Figures. The best part - no changes to your Velocity template file are required to include these tables in the output file!

When adding a new Velocity template file or editing an existing one, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure the Report Type = Velocity and the Report Format includes PDF

  2. Note there is a new section labeled Include Table of... (PDF only):

    • Select the checkboxes for the tables you would like to include in the output file

  3. Save the report template after completing all other relevant fields

When a user runs a report that includes these options, they will be notified in the report window when PDF is selected as the file format.

Please note: PDF files that contain tables of contents, figures, or tables will take longer to generate in order to create the hyperlinks to each section -- the more pages the PDF includes, the longer the report will take to generate.

Once the file is generated and downloaded, the Tables will be included in the PDF output with each section linked to the appropriate page.  


Usability Improvement 

When an organization admin selects Clean up categories, a message now appears in the Activity history. 



License Admin Page 

The exported data Excel sheet has the following changes:

  • A new column was added that calculates the Duration in Milliseconds into an hh:mm:ss format for clarity on the duration of time the user was logged in.

  • The 'UTC' text was removed from the LoggedInAt and LastActivityAt columns so that Excel can recognize these as date/time formats.


v1 API Updates

  • GET v1/baselines/{baselineId}/versioneditems
    • Response now contains the applied category snapshots at the time of the baseline 


Resolved Issues

ID Description

Leading and trailing spaces in a text field can now be removed went editing an item.


<>& characters are now displayed in Reading View as expected.


When a participant is changed from Approver to Reviewer and a new revision is published, the approve/reject count on the new revision does not count items that were formerly approved/rejected by that user when they were an Approver.


Calculated and Logic fields now export as expected in Velocity.


When you export a baseline with categories, the categories now maintain the baselined information.


In Reading View, the required date fields now appear in the correct location above the categories table.


The Trace View item preview panel shows the correct version number for the item.


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