Jama Connect® 8.81 Cloud

Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2022/12/09
Release Date AU/EU: 2022/12/10


Baseline Improvements

  • You can now email a link to a baseline from the baselines header. 

  • The Find me option (breadcrumb navigation) was moved from the baselines header to the baseline ID. 



Test Management Improvements

  • From the Test Run Execution window, you can now copy text without clicking Start Test Run

  • When a test run without steps is started and saved before it has passed or failed, the status In progress is now applied. 

  • When the Test Run Execution window opens, associated items are no longer automatically unlocked and action buttons are disabled until you click Start Test Run


User Administration Improvements

  • Organization admins can now export a list of all users from the Users page. 



Resolved Issues

ID Description

Replace with baseline window now reflects the correct item number and reports when no updates are needed.


When a test group name changes, the updated name is now reflected in Table View and Single Item View. 


When you select the option Fix URL References, the URLs for images in test steps are now updated. 


When you update Test Runs via REST API, the execution time now remains unchanged and no longer resets to midnight. 


When you edit a description field with an image, the Save & done button is now enabled when there is a slow internet connection.

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