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Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2023/01/06
Release Date AU/EU: 2023/01/07


Introducing Document View 

Jama Connect has added a new streamlined authoring and editing experience called Document View. You can write, read, and edit items all in one view — without losing your place in the overall document and context of related content.

Key features of Document View include:

  • One View

    • Read and write content in a simplified format. 
  • Inline Editing

    • Double-click on an item to open quick edit mode, where you can update a subset of fields in a condensed form.

    • Switch to full edit mode to work with all available fields. 


  • Insert Items

    • Add new items exactly where you want without losing your place in the document. 


Document View — Future Enhancements

Document View will continue to evolve in future releases with the addition of new features and capabilities. 

A new slide-out panel will include:

  • Comments, allowing users to scroll throughout Document View while viewing related comments.

  • More widgets and actions, including related items, connected users, activities, versions, and more. 

Additional features currently under consideration for the longer-term roadmap: 

  • New content alert and refresh for collaborating with colleagues on content development.

  • Breadcrumb and jump-to navigation to quickly access specific content. 

  • Nested tables for components or folders. 

  • Advanced field configuration for mixed item types. 

  • Extending Document View design and usability to other areas of Jama Connect, including Reviewing Center.  


Jama Connect Advisor Now Supports Document View 

You can now analyze requirements when you edit an item in both Document View and Single Item View. 

As announced previously, the benefits of the Jama Connect Advisor add-on include:

  • Improved requirements authoring with recommendations are now accessible when and where users need them most. 

  • Higher quality and more consistent requirements can decrease confusion and the need for rework. 


Baseline Improvements 

Users with permission to create baselines can now create them from the Project Explorer Tree by right-clicking on a set, component, folder, or item.


Test Management Improvements

Testers now have the option to execute multiple tests in a row without closing and reopening the Test Execution window.

  • Select Open my next assigned test to allow a user to execute or navigate through multiple runs assigned to them.


  • From the Test Execution window, after you run through or execute multiple runs, a summary of all test runs by status now appears for that cycle.  


Review Center Performance

Loading time for the Review Center table view has been improved for customers with a large number of items and item revisions. 

v1 API Updates

  • We have updated the GET/items/{id}/versioncategories API parameters.

    • The versionID has been replaced with versionNumber to match our existing patterns.  

Additional Updates

  • Velocity reports now include the option to retrieve categories with items. 

Resolved Issues

ID Description

When you search for Categories and assign them to items, those Categories now correctly match terms in the displayed path.


In Trace View and in Coverage Explorer, exported items with Matrix Lookup Calculations are now displayed correctly.


For test runs, you no longer need to populate custom date fields to save the test run.


When a baseline item is edited, converted, or reverted, the pop-up text, Can't replace with baseline, no longer appears.


Test Cycle custom attributes are now displayed correctly in the Add/Edit Cycle Details window.


In a review, when a moderator clicks Resolve below the original comment, the comment is now saved correctly and the item content isn't changed.

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