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Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2023/03/03
Release Date AU/EU: 2023/03/04


Reports Administration Now Available for Cloud Customers

Organization admins in a Cloud environment can now manage custom reports and exports from Admin > Reports. With Microsoft Office Template and Velocity report templates, you can now:

  • Add reports

  • Edit existing reports

  • Delete existing reports

Important Note: Any new or edited reports should be tested in a non-production environment before implementing them in a production environment.   

Also, please contact Support for help with uploading custom BIRT reports. 




Velocity PDF Report Templates — Table of Contents, Table of Tables, and Table of Figures

This release introduces new options for Velocity PDF report templates: Table of Contents, Table of Tables, and Table of Figures. 

  • If a report template includes a title page that is wrapped in a <div> container with the given class name TitlePage, the export now places the "Table of..." list on a new page after the title page.

    • Without the container and class name, the "Table of..." list appears on the first page. 
  • Each "Table of..." list is enclosed in a unique <div> container/class name so that they are targeted by the Velocity template with a specific CSS.

  • Support for h5-h7 tags has been added with unique class names so that they are targeted by the Velocity template with a specific CSS.

For more information, see Quick Start: HTML Templates for Velocity PDF Reports.



Usability Improvements

From Admin > Organization > Details, you can now disable or enable Document View. You might disable it if your organization prefers to manually manage the transition from Reading View. 



Resolved Issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-1987 Emails are now sent to the specified email address if the license usage threshold has been reached.  
SOS-DEF-4864 The relationship type configured via relationship rules is now applied when editing relationships.  
SOS-DEF-6628 We have updated the text of the error message that appears when you delete a user group that has permissions for review transitions. 
SOS-DEF-6728 Review activities are now displayed correctly when certain fields in the review are blank.
SOS-DEF-6761 Organization admins can now successfully delete a project. 

The CKEditor description field options are now displayed correctly in the Edit Cycle Details window in a test cycle. You now see the following options: Add/Edit Diagram, Add Image, Add Image from Server, Check Accessibility, Math Editor, and Chemistry Editor. 

SOS-DEF-6774 In List View, pick list values are now saved when you perform an inline edit. 
SOS-DEF-6778 You can now successfully provision a new instance or migrate using a .jama backup. 
SOS-DEF-6812 In List View, inline editing an item and then selecting another row now saves the edit in the original item.

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