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Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2023/03/31
Release Date AU/EU: 2023/04/01


Introducing the Baseline Compare Feature

This release introduces the ability to compare two versions of a baseline using the baseline in-app Compare option via Document View. This feature allows users to compare older baselines with newer versions of baselines within the same source, a first for baseline management directly within Jama Connect.

When you view a baseline in the new document layout, select Compare to activate the in-app comparison feature. Previously, users had to export a report to view baseline-to-baseline changes.


Changes are displayed inline with version indicated by color: 

  • Red

    • Edited or deleted text/data from an older version
  • Green

    • Edited or added text/data from a new version


Note: The new document layout and baseline comparison aren't visible if the organization admin disabled Document View. Also, baseline comparison reports are still available to support certain use cases.   


Create a Baseline from the Filter Tab

To create a baseline from a filter more efficiently, you can now right-click on a filter and select Add baseline.


Usability Improvements

Document View

  • Quick Edit mode now opens when you double-click on an item.

    • Also, when you click in the white space to the right of the content, the item is selected or deselected. 
  • When you hover over an item and Quick Mode isn't activated, editable user fields now include a gray background.  

  • In Quick Edit mode, the only fields that are displayed now are required fields with an empty value.

    • Required fields with a value are hidden unless you configure them to be displayed. 

Review Center

Guardrails now prevent you from performing actions on previous revisions of a review or from making changes to closed reviews. 


Resolved Issues

ID Description

When you convert an item type to another item type that has a pick list with a mandatory field, the field is now populated with the default value.  

SOS-DEF-5112 Items exported from Baseline List View now appear in the correct order in tables.  

Sending a cycle to review now always includes runs that were not deleted while editing groups in a cycle.


When you select Undo from the baseline "Confirm deletion" window, the tabs and Find me option are now updated correctly.

SOS-DEF-6802 In the REST API, PATCH /items will update items that include a Lookup Matrix.
SOS-DEF-6807 An item synced with another item can now be restored from a baselined version of that item before synchronization.  
SOS-DEF-6834 Attempting to delete or edit a baseline that has already been deleted or edited now correctly displays an error message.
SOS-DEF-6846 Electronic signature is now available when the username is configured for authentication via SAML.  
SOS-DEF-6857 When changing the direction of a relationship, the relationship type is automatically updated to the defined relationship type. If the updated direction is configured for relationship type "Any," a user can now select the relationship type.   

Jama Connect Advisor: When more than 400 characters are selected, the Analyze button is disabled and you can't click through and analyze text. 



Known Issues

ID Description

Filters: When a read-only user tries to add a baseline from a filter, an unexpected error message is displayed instead of the action being disabled. 


Filters: When adding a baseline from a filter, the filter name is displayed in the title window instead of Add baseline


Baselines: Version information shows the version number incremented by 1 instead of [Deleted] for deleted items in the baselines Document View. 

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