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Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2023/05/05
Release Date AU/EU: 2023/05/06

Baseline Source List View and In-App Comparison Summary

This release introduces the ability to compare two baselines from the Baseline Source List View.

A baseline source is generated when you create a baseline or review; now, you can select the baseline source to see all baselines associated with that source in List View. 

This feature provides detailed information about the baseline's metadata, such as the number of items, Baseline ID, Baseline signatures, Baseline status, and Baseline type. Previously, you only accessed some of this information from the baseline's Details View. 

Previously, you had to run an external comparison report to see differences between baselines. The comparison summary allows you to see a high-level view of baseline changes. You also have the option to run the enhanced baseline comparison report, which was previously only available via Community reports. 

You can run a comparison report by selecting two baselines from the Baseline Source List View and clicking Compare. From there, you can download and open the report. 

Test Step Usability Updates

Several updates have been made to the Single Item View for test cases to improve the editing workflow.

  • The result column styling has been updated to indicate that this column is not editable from the test case item.

  • The add Step button is now located at the bottom of the table.
  • Keyboard focus shortcuts have been added for easier step editing and navigation.
  • The Rich Text Editor remains at the top of the table for improved formatting control when you add steps. 
  • You can also highlight and copy and paste an entire test step into other test steps. To highlight an entire test step, triple-click on the row number.

Wildcards in Search Updates

This release updates how Jama Connect uses wildcards in a search. The primary search bar and the filter panel search bar have been updated to improve how search results are presented. 

  • Removed the Wildcard That Was Automatically Applied to the Front of Search Terms

    • This wildcard returned results that included words with additional characters before the ones typed into the search field.

      • For example, when you searched for "term" the auto-wildcard returned "docuterm", "postterm", "syncterm", etc.
  • Added a Checkbox to "Include Wildcard Results" to the Search Results and to the Filter Panel

    • This option allows you to add a wildcard to the front of your search term as needed.

Important Considerations:

  • The primary search bar and filter panel search still use a wildcard automatically added to the end of your search term. The results contain terms you entered in the search field but with additional characters after the terms. 

    • For example, when you search for "term" the auto-wildcard at the end still returns results for "term", "terminal", "terminus", "termites", etc.
  • Additional results included by selecting Include wildcard results aren't included if you switch to Trace View from the search results.

    • This capability will be available in a future release.

Document View Now Includes a New Comments Panel

A new slide-over panel has been added to Document View. You can now view comments and items simultaneously, interacting with both as needed.

The Comments panel will contain additional actions and widgets in a future release. These actions and widgets include Relationships, Versions, Review Comments, and more functionality. 

From the Comments panel, you can: 

  • Read and reply to existing comments

  • Add, like, mute, and filter comments.

  • @mention a person or group

Additional Updates

  • The POST /baselines labs endpoint allows you to create a baseline without a source.

  • A new confirmation message appears when the organization and project admins create baseline folders.

  • In Document View, Quick/Full Edit forms now hide required fields that are already populated and show only blank fields if those fields are not configured to be shown in the current view.

Resolved Issues

ID Description

Deleted Test Plans no longer affect data in the System Health Report.


Users with a dash in their email address domain can now be invited to reviews.


When you add a baseline from a filter, the "Add baseline" window title now appears instead of the filter name.


The option to add a baseline from a filter is now disabled for read-only users.


When you delete items from Baseline Document View, version information has been corrected to display [Deleted] instead of the version number incremented by 1.

Known Issue

ID Description

Document view comments slide over the panel doesn't resize properly.

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