Individual user(s) can't use eSignature on reviews when Auth0 has already been enabled

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Author: Jenna Zwick

Date: November 10th 2023

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Cloud


A Jama Connect customer has recently enabled Auth0, but some users are unable to use the review feature while others can. Although logging in and out is working as expected the eSignature feature is not working properly for some, but not all, users. 

Steps to resolve:

  1. When an error message appears, check if it occurs while using the application as expected.
  2. If you're trying to locate an error, start by checking the address bar. If the error is coming from Jama Connect, you should see the phrase "" somewhere in the name. On the other hand, if the error is associated with Okta, Microsoft, or any other URL from the same organization that created your IDP software, you should focus your search there.
  3. If a user is able to access Jama Connect but receives an error message when attempting to electronically sign a review, then this is likely the issue.
  4. Check the list of users with access to the Jama Connect eSignature app via your IDP.
  5. You should contact support if the user is not on the application for Jama Connect even though they are not on the list. user rights lis
  6. If the user is not listed in the eSig application's provisioned users, add them, save, and have the user attempt to log in again.


We observe this pattern when the Auth0 functions are not provisioned to the eSignature application in the IdP, despite being provisioned to the application. 


Based on the steps provided above, you can determine whether or not this issue is related to your account. If it is indeed your issue, please make sure to add the affected users to both systems. If you continue experiencing the same problem, please reach out to your support team and provide them with a HAR file when requested.


When configuring Auth0, ensure that users are provisioned to both applications in your IdP for access to all Jama Connect features.


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