Jama Software URLs: Product Help, Product Support, and the Jama Software User Community

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Author: Amanda Jennewein

Date: October 24, 2023

Audience: Everyone

Summary: This article aims to provide information about various Jama Software URLs where you can get Product Help and product Support and engage with the Jama Software User Community.

  1. Jama Connect® Help Guide
    • The help guide is a valuable resource that aids new users in getting started with Jama Connect® and helps all users become well-versed with the features and functionalities of Jama Connect®. It clearly explains how to navigate the interface, access different modules, and perform various tasks within the software.
  2. Jama Software User Community
    • The Jama Software User Community provides a platform for users to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge and experiences.
      • Community and User Forums
      • Knowledge Sharing
      • Training and Learning Resources
      • Staying Informed
      • Networking and Collaboration
      • Peer Support
      • User Success Stories
      • Community Events
      • Feature Requests and Feedback
  3. Welcome to Jama Customer Support 
    • Jama Support serves as a critical resource for users of Jama software, providing assistance and guidance to ensure a smooth and productive experience. 
      • Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution
      • Technical Assistance
      • Access to our support Knowledge Base
      • Product Updates and Documentation
      • Best Practices
      • Product Updates and Alerts
      • User Support and Feedback Loop

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