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Release Date US: 2023/10/20
Release Date AU/EU: 2023/10/21


Categories — Now Available With Item Reuse

You can now include categories when you reuse items in the destination project.  

Note: The category isn't a synced field. It isn't reused if it's deleted from the destination project or if the organization admin re-orders or removes the category path.


Categories — Now Available in Reviews

For the Categories field to appear in the Review Center Reading View and in the Review Center Single Item View, organization admins must enable it for all items that are sent to a review.


Once enabled, the Categories table is displayed when users are in a review. 




Updates to the Publish New Revision Window

When changes are made to the original review items, moderators can publish a new version of the review that includes the changes. 

This feature now allows all defined edits to be captured and displayed to moderators before they publish a new revision. Moderators can also use the feature to preview which edits were made by viewing the update notification labels on the review items or in the header



Document View — Relationship Panel

The Relationship widget is now available in the slide-over panel in Document View. You can access the Relationship panel from the new Widgets menu to the right of items. Relationships link items together for traceability, and can be upstream or downstream from an item. 

View 'at-a-glance' relationship counts from the Widget menu:


Within the Relationship panel, you can:

  • View existing upstream and downstream relationships in a table layout (if available)
  • Add new relationships with existing items
  • Update single or multiple relationships
  • Remove single or multiple relationships
  • Clear suspect links
  • Change Relationship Filter settings
  • Open related items in a new Jama Connect tab (within the current project) or in a new browser tab (outside of the current project)


Test Plan Improvements

This release includes the following improvements to the Test Plan feature:  

  • Improved load time of the test run tab, with the maximum number of test runs displayed per page reduced from 500 to 200. 
  • Improved load time of the test cases tab, with the maximum initial load of 50 test cases per group and the option to load more. 
  • Improved load time of the test cases tab, with all groups loading in a collapsed state when there are more than 50 groups per plan.  
  • A test case count is now displayed for each group.



Test Run Improvements

The "Not applicable" status is now an optional test run status. Testers can use this status to document the omission of a step in a test run, or in an entire test run from a test cycle.


Prior to Jama Connect 9.5, the system automatically passed any steps that a tester skipped over. Now, you can select an option to configure how the system performs when a tester skips over test steps during a test run.


"Pass with errors" status is now also available for test runs that don't include steps.



Test Case Improvements 

Testers now have the option to hide the system field, "Test Case Status" from project views.



Additional Usability Updates

  • Extra white space has been removed from exported WIRIS MathType equations.

  • Jama Connect now uses CKEditor version 4.22.1 for Rich Text editing.
    • This upgrade resolves specific issues. For more information, see SOS-DEF-5338 and SOS-DEF-6475 in the Resolved Issues table below.   

Important EOL and Transition Information

Auth0 SSO Transition

As announced with Jama Connect 8.70 in February 2022, Jama Software has partnered with Auth0 to provide seamless enterprise integration with our cloud customers' authentication and authorization management systems.  

Effective November 1, 2023 — Jama Software will no longer support our internally developed Jama Connect SAML service for authentication. To learn more about the Jama Connect SAML EOL and the steps to take to prepare for the EOL, see this Community article.


GET Relationships Performance Update and Transition

As announced with the Jama Connect 9.2 release on August 4, 2023, recent updates allow you to avoid system-intensive details around total items and paging. If you use this call, we recommend that you adjust your scripts as soon as possible to:

  • Reduce load on the system
  • Retrieve more than 500 relationships with each call
  • Improve performance of your integration

For details, see the REST API Cookbook: https://dev.jamasoftware.com/cookbook/#getrelationships.

Following the Jama Connect 9.6 release planned for November 17, 2023 — we will begin deactivating the previous method and parameters for calling GET /relationships.       


Coming Soon — Updates to the Jama Connect Help Portal

Starting with the Jama Connect 9.6 release, the Help portal (help.jamasoftware.com) will host cloud-only content. Self-hosted content will continue to be available from the Jama Connect application and as version-specific PDFs that are posted to the Community. This change provides a more streamlined user experience by focusing solely on product features, while removing information that's specific to managing self-hosted instances. 


Resolved Issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-666 When a project is deleted, context-sensitive reports associated with that project are removed and no longer affect the visibility of other reports.  
SOS-DEF-2478 HTML tags in the Rich Text Editor no longer create extra space when exporting to Excel.

You can now select the text in a cell after merging cells in a Rich Text Editor table. 

SOS-DEF-5540 You can now restore a large number of deleted items from the Activity Stream.  

The messaging has been improved when you delete relationships from the Activity Stream. 


After merging cells in a Rich Text Editor table, you can now select the cell with your mouse and add text.

SOS-DEF-7178 When item workflow configuration is set to "Do not version on status change," viewing an items version history no longer results in an error.


Known Issues

  • New relationship widget available in Document View may provide inconsistent options when editing an existing relationship or adding a new one.
ID Description
SOS-DEF-7231 Changing the direction of an existing relationship from the Document View relationship panel may have inconsistent results. As a workaround, changing the direction of a relationship can be done via Single Item view.
SOS-DEF-7232 Custom icons are not displaying correctly in relationship panels in Document View.
SOS-DEF-7233 When working from the Document View with items of a selected category, the Relate button within the relationship panel may be inactive.
SOS-DEF-7234 Deselecting items from the Document View relationship panel may cause inconsistencies when trying to select items across both upstream and downstream tables. A refresh of the page will clear your selections.

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