Version History for Components, Sets, and Folders prior to Connect 9

Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera
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Author: Jonathan Rivera

Date: September 19, 2023

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Versions before 9.0



Users may report an issue when viewing the Versions for Component, Set, or Folder items (aka Container items) where the version history shows a single entry that looks "merged" rather than indicating individual entries for each change made.

This can be seen here for this component item:

Meanwhile, the Activities shows this as a new entry:



This was the expected behavior for Components, Sets, and Folders before Connect 9.0. This was because of how the pop-up/modal editor (seen below) worked when editing these items.


This behavior has been changed in our 9.0 Cloud Release and 9.0.2 Self-Hosted Release:

Editing Container Items

When you edit a component, set, and folder, the item now opens in the new inline edit mode.

To edit an item:

  • In the Explorer Tree, right-click on an item.
  • From the header, select Edit.



There is no workaround, but a history of changes can be seen via Activities.


Additional Information/Metadata:

  • Versions
  • Activities

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