Jama Connect® 9.4.0 Cloud

Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2023/09/22
Release Date AU/EU: 2023/09/23


Updates to Wildcards in Search

This release includes enhancements to the wildcards in search option, which was released in Jama Connect 8.86. 

  • Wildcard for GET /abstractitems endpoint
    • The exiting /abstractitems endpoint now accepts a Boolean parameter for toggling wildcard results.
    • Toggling the new parameter will return the expected results.
  • Wildcard results are now included in saved Trace Views and exported Trace View reports.

Updates to REST API

You can now create, read, and update infotips for field labels in pick lists:

  • GET /picklistoptions/{picklistOptionId}
  • PUT /picklistoptions/{picklistOptionId}
  • POST /picklists/{picklistId}/options

You can now create and read infotips for pick list values in fields for item types:

  • GET /itemtypes/{itemTypeId}
  • POST /itemtypes/{itemTypeId}/fields

As announced in the 9.2 and 9.3 releases notes, access to the REST API is now restricted to users with creator licenses.

Lookup Matrix Calculated Field Improvements

  • Velocity Reports
    • You can now export the color background* with lookup matrix calculated fields. 
  • Word and PDF Office Exports
    • You can now export the color background* with lookup matrix calculated fields from Single Item View, List View, Reading View, Document View, and Review Center.
  • Review Center
    • The color background* for lookup matrix calculated fields is now visible from the "Item progress" table in Review Center.

*Color background for lookup matrix calculated fields only apply when configured in the calculated field’s dependent lookup matrix.


Resolved Issues

ID Description

When you select a project quickly in the target destination drop-down menu, the reuse items and baselines window now select the correct project. 


When you double-click Sign baseline, only one signature is created for the same user. 

SOS-DEF-7069 Reset password emails are now sent with username instead of email address.   

When you submit a GET request to the REST API endpoint, "picklistoptions" no longer returns an href URL with NULL followed by a selector with { } brackets.

SOS-DEF-7181 User details are displayed in activity records for workflow status transitions.   

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