@ Mention Notification Emails Not Being Sent

Kellen Fields
Kellen Fields
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Author: Kellen Fields

Date: September 15, 2023

Audience: Everyone

Environment: Jama Connect®8.74.6


Customers will report an issue that  '@ Mention' emails, such as those being created via the stream, are not being received (and all other email types are being received as expected), even when users are properly subscribed.

Example of an @ Notification: Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 1.18.03 PM.png


There is a workaround in place for this behavior that will get these emails to be sent as expected. It would still be best to take standard email troubleshooting steps before proceeding. The resolution involves exec-ing into the jamacore container and editing the etc/hosts file. This fix will not persist between restarts.

  1. Get your jamacore containerID by running: sudo docker ps | grep jamacore | awk '{print $1}'
  2. Access the container filesystem and edit the host file to include your app server IP and DNS name: 
    sudo docker exec -it <containerID> bash
    vi /etc/hosts
  3. In the host file, add the following line:
    <ip of app server> <dns host name>
    example: 123.456.789.10 mydomainname.com
  4. Then, could you save the host file?


There is currently an open defect for this issue that is listed as 'unreproducible'. A cause for this behavior has not been determined. This behavior has only been seen on Replicated Native installs. 






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