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Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date AU: 2020/11/11
Release Date US/EMEA: 2020/11/11

Baselines: Improved Usability, Organization, and Search

The baseline header, List View, and Reading View were redesigned for a streamlined user experience.

Updates to Baseline Permissions

  • Organization and project administrators can edit the name and description of a signed baseline. 

List View Now Follows the Same Pattern as Project List View

  • You can now add custom fields, sort, and drag and drop.

  • To display the baselined and current versions in List View or Reading View, select the gear icon, then select ​Current version​ and ​Version​​.

  • Preview item now appears as a slide-out panel.
    • From here, you can view the item version and versioned fields that were included for the item when it was baselined. 

Reading View Now Follows the Same Pattern as Project Reading View

  • You can now add custom fields from the gear icon. 

  • Preview Item now appears as a slide-out panel where you can view the item version and versioned fields that were included when it was baselined. 

A Redesigned Baseline Header Provides Easier Access to Actions

  • If you accessed the baseline from a link or the Explorer Tree hierarchy is collapsed, select Find me to locate the baseline in the baseline tree. 

  • The Home icon is replaced with View details.
    • Select View details to access the home screen from a new in-app tab. 

Additional Information About Baselines

  • If a user doesn't have permission, the actions are grayed out and disabled or hidden from view. 

  • The baseline ID is now visible in the baseline header. 

  • List View and Reading View are located in the header instead of the Actions drop-down menu.


Updates to Projects List View and Reading View

  • To display the item's version in List View or Reading View, select the gear icon, then select Current version

  • This release adds the ability to show or hide IDs for sources, baselines, and folders in the baseline tree.
    • When the IDs are visible, you can search for them using the baseline search box.

  • You can now see the relationships that were established at the time a baseline was taken. For example, if you relate one item to another item and the first item is baselined, you can view the corresponding data from the related item.
    • Expand Show related items, then select the item's link. The details are displayed in the panel that opens. 

Reviews: Improved Usability, Workflow, and Design

Configure Review Comments to Appear in Your Project

Comments made during a review can now be configured to appear in the project view for that item. When enabled by the administrator, review moderators can — for each review — allow comments to be displayed for the item in that project. Comments are visible as they are made and during the review, and remain after the review is closed.  

This option needs to be enabled in two places for it to take effect. The administrator must enable it in the Review Center Settings and moderators must enable it when they create a review.

Enhanced Text Highlighting in Reviews

Scanning comments in reviews is now easier, thanks to new colors representing the comment's state. Yellow = open; green = resolved; and red = rejected. When you select a highlighted comment, the remaining highlighted comments temporarily change to gray, so you can focus on the selected comment.


Managing Access to the Equation Editor

  • Organization administrators can assign individual users access to the WIRIS MathType Editor.

Note: Access to the equation editor is optional. Contact your Jama Software Account Manager if you are interested in licensing this capability.

New Options for Custom Reports 


An upgraded Velocity exporter allows report writers to upload HTML templates with full Velocity script support, including header and footer customization, and control of page size, margin, style, and layout. 

Important: For Velocity reports in PDF format to appear correctly, changes must be made to your custom PDF reports. For more information, see the community guide on custom velocity PDF exports or contact your consultant.


Self-hosted organization administrators now have the ability to selectively extend permission for specific custom reports. Cloud customers must contact Support to configure these settings. 


Administration: Usability Improvements and Enhanced Auditing Capabilities

This release introduces usability improvements and enhanced auditing capabilities for Jama Connect administrators. 

Simplified Project Administrator Access

We reduced clutter and streamlined the Project menu, which no longer includes the following options: 

  • Add Project

  • Configure Project

  • Manage All Projects

All admins — project and organization — now use Admin in the header to access administrator tasks. Select Admin to access the Project tab.

Organization Admin Activity stream

Organization administrators now have the ability to monitor user updates and process details. Activities are created for changes to item types, pick lists, users, permissions, and more.

Events that appear in the stream are based on activity from the Organization tab. We plan to add support for project activities in the future. 

As organization administrator, click the Activity stream button on the right side of the content header to view the new activity stream. 

New Search Feature

Need to find something quickly? Search for activities by entering the search term, like the name of a pick list or the user who performed the action.

TFS and Jira Connectors Have Been Removed from Admin 

The TFS and Jira connectors, which were previously announced as coming to end of life in April 2019, have now been removed from the Admin section.  


Increased Security

Jama Software has increased security for our Cloud customers. To protect users, we now offer virus scanning when you upload attachments. 

Updates from Customer Feedback

  • From the Organization Details page, administrators can generate equation images as PNG or SVG files using the WIRIS MathType editor.  

  • In List View, you can now include the number of attachments and links in the items table. 

  • The Actions menu now includes the option to View all locked items

  • When editing items, the Save & done button is now highlighted in blue as the primary action.

  • You can now sort from the Tags column in List View.

  • You can now adjust the line height in List View, enabling word wrap.
    • The page might take a few seconds to load when multiple columns are being re-aligned to wrap the text.
  • Add fields to the Test Run item type to have access to them when executing a Test Run.
    • This does not include non-versioning fields like calculations and rollup fields, or user lookup fields.
      Example: Add a test field to capture the serial number for a product being tested.

  • In @mention suggested names are now limited to the users within the project.

  • In List View, you can now add a Test Run Results column to Test Cases.
    • The column displays the status of all Test Runs that are downstream.
  • In Single Item View, you can now generate a Trace View from View > Trace View.

  • Admin Activity stream now includes the ability to refresh and resize.

  • Out-of-the-box Excel exports, accessed from the Export menu, now support tags as an exportable field.

  • The ability to include the item path as a field on items is now visible in List View and Reading View.

  • Test Run results field is now displayed in Reviews and Reading View.

  • Administrators managing reports now have the ability to limit access to run custom reports by user group.

  • The ability to batch lock and unlock items is now available in the Batch update window in List View or Reading View.

  • When hovering on a date field, the time and UTC offset are now visible.

Notes for Self-Hosted Administrators

Container Artifacts

  • Replicated release number: 2.48.0
  • Java version (JDK_UPDATE): 11.0.8
  • TOMCAT_VERSION: 8.5.50

Link to Supported Software for 8.56.1

If you are upgrading to 8.56.1 from a version deployed before 8.49.x, note that 8.49.0 is a required step upgrade. It is not necessary to upgrade to 8.49.1 or 8.49.2.

We regression tested using Replicated 2.48 and recommend the use of the following script for the initial installation of Jama Connect.  This will install Replicated 2.48.

curl -sSL "https://get.replicated.com/docker?replicated_tag=2.48.0&replicated_ui_tag=2.48.0&replicated_operator_tag=2.48.0" | sudo bash -s no-auto


New Parameter for Export Template

By default, extra line breaks are removed to improve the published document, however this might cause consecutive tables to be combined. If you need to restore a template to previous export results, you can apply a new parameter to the report parameter field in the template.


Setting Definition Parameter

Removes extra line breaks; consecutive tables are combined.



Keeps extra line breaks; consecutive tables are separate.



EOL for New Relic Setting

The option to enable sending metrics from Jama Connect to New Relic will be removed in the Spring 2021 release.


Jama Connect Top Tasks Survey

We'd love to hear which Jama Connect tasks are most important to you. Your responses will help us prioritize how we present the product in documentation and the UI, so that we can focus on the information that really matters to our customers.  

Click this link to take the survey: Top Tasks

Resolved Issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-4064 The logout timer now works as designed.


When updating existing items with round-trip imports, the system will stop the import and alert the user when there are two rows in Excel that refer to the same API ID. 


Items locked by the user or systems are now correctly duplicated. 


SOS-DEF-4242 Using the Rich Text Editor to copy and paste larger images now finishes successfully. 
SOS-DEF-1253 You can now relate items if both are locked by the system or another user.
SOS-DEF-368 Reuse and edit options are now correctly displayed when a user with read access selects items from List View or filter results. 
SOS-DEF-607 In List View, the configure fields drop-down list now includes a scroll bar for item types. 
SOS-DEF-656 Exporting a Word document no longer adds an extra paragraph above the heading. 
SOS-DEF-1247 The dashboard bar graph correctly shows all entries for result sets greater than 20.
SOS-DEF-2146 The Tag Cloud now correctly updates when adding more than 20 tags. 
SOS-DEF-4378 Duplicating a project with more than 12 workflow overrides now successfully completes. 
SOS-DEF-4583 You can now relate test runs to items from the API. 
SOS-DEF-4793 Exporting to Word using the Office Template no longer creates an extra line break after rich text fields. 
SOS-DEF-2609 In reports, the mail merge tag "TableStart:STEPS" no longer causes HTML to export with test case steps. 
SOS-DEF-2635 The jamacore container entry script no longer throws an exception when it parses trusted certificate .pem files that contain zero-width, no-break spaces. 
SOS-DEF-2958 When you create an export with mail merge codes, items in tables are now exported in the correct order. 
SOS-DEF-4241 The Synchronized Items widget no longer causes performance issues. 
SOS-DEF-4275 All selected fields are now included when you export to Word from List View.
SOS-DEF-4831 Test Run exports to Word no longer contain HTML code in Test Steps and images are now rendered correctly. 
SOS-DEF-4853 The Velocity engine now successfully retrieves relationship types from baselines. 
SOS-DEF-4888 Velocity report permission checks are now processed significantly faster when the "permissionsOff" report parameter is enabled.
SOS-DEF-1222 Running an uploaded Excel document without saving it no longer generates cryptic text. 
SOS-DEF-1162 An email notification to a user who has never logged in now contains the correct URL. 
SOS-DEF-2971 An exported CSV file now shows the correct pick list values if they were copied from another column to the same defect type. 
SOS-DEF-2641 In Reading View, tables in rich text are now wrapped correctly. 
SOS-DEF-4433 Review administrators can now access a public review if they have permission to review all items.
SOS-DEF-4626 The public review option "Only those with permission to ALL items in the Review" no longer causes issues to users with read-only permissions when items are changed or deleted. 
SOS-DEF-4841 Updating the project key with one in use by another project no longer changes the key. 

New items are now locked when you work in the "Add item" window. 


A review moderator with Project Administrator permissions can now assign the signer role. 


When exporting an item from a Word or PDF document and the item has more than one table, the lower border of the table now appears. 


When importing test steps from an Excel round trip, a duplicate API error no longer occurs. 


You can now access or update reviews associated with a baseline, even if a a baseline is missing a baseline tree node. 


Exporting from Trace View now works as designed. 


When an action is included in a stream comment, the email is successfully sent to the recipient. 


The workflow override option is now available to Project Administrators. 

SOS-DEF-2120 Checking the license usage history no longer causes high CPU usage.
SOS-DEF-2700 You can no longer create a duplicate user when sending multiple "User Add" requests.
SOS-DEF-2702 PUT & PATCH /v1/testruns/id call now updates the Execution Date with the correct date.
SOS-DEF-2857 Updating multiple items with an existing pick list value now updates the date, versions the item, and logs the activity.
SOS-DEF-4995 You can now run multiple Velocity reports simultaneously without producing an error.
SOS-DEF-5033 Velocity now retrieves change requests successfully. 
SOS-DEF-5043 You can now duplicate test plans.
SOS-DEF-5045 The Test Run execution window now closes when a default value is assigned. 
SOS-DEF-5048 Velocity now supports $relationship.getRelationshipType().getValue().get(0).
SOS-DEF-5049 Velocity now supports $relation.relationshipType.id.
SOS-DEF-5051 Velocity now supports getRelationshipTypeList.
SOS-DEF-5053 In Admin, you can now scroll when you drag and drop a project.

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