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Carly Rossi
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Release Date EU/US: 2022/03/16
Release Date AU: 2022/03/17

Performance Improvements 

This release features performance and scale improvements in our continuous efforts to align usability and capability in Jama Connect with our customers' growing adoption and usage. 

Experience significant improvements when you:

  • Open an existing review in Review Center -- while users will experience appreciable improvements in reviews of any size, larger reviews of 250+ items will see remarkable improvements in load times  

  • Batch update or batch workflow transition multiple items

  • Enable workflow at the organization or project level


Introducing the Categories Feature

We are excited to introduce the first iteration of the cross-project feature Categories. Use the Categories feature to organize and view items based on classifications like configurations, allocations, releases, or features. This feature offers a view into how items and components can build a final product. 

Use the Categories Feature To:

  • Allocate requirements to a hierarchy of items in a system of systems context where the items might exist in multiple projects

  • Manage releases for multiple items that live in multiple projects

  • Identify variants of products

  • Organize and view items in a cross-project hierarchy

The Categories Feature is Available in These Areas of Jama Connect:

  • Admin

  • Single Item View, List View, and Reading View

  • Categories tab, when enabled, in the Explorer Tree

  • Labs API:
    • Associate categories with an item
    • Retrieve categories that are associated with an item

In Future Releases, Categories Will Be Supported in These Features: 

  • Trace View

  • Filters

  • Exports
    • Word/PDF
  • Velocity reports

  • Baselines

  • Review Center

  • Item version history

  • Item activity

  • Project activity stream

  • Imports

Enabling the Categories Option

The Categories option is disabled by default. The organization admin must enable it for the option to appear in Jama Connect and be available for users.

When enabled, users with read/write permissions can interact with:

  1. Categories tab in the Explorer Tree
  2. Categories table in Single Item View
  3. Manage categories button in Single Item View, Reading View, and List View 


When enabled, organization admins can interact with: 


1. Categories admin tree

2. Selected category path option 

3. Variations of selected category option

Roles for the Categories Feature  

Your role determines which tasks you can perform when you use the Categories feature. 


 Responsibilities and Actions 

 User with Read/Write   Permissions 

  • Organize your requirements across projects

  • Apply a category to items from Single Item View, List View, or Reading View 

  • View categorized items in the Category tree

  • See a list of cross-project items

  • View Category paths

  • View Category path IDs

 Organization Admin 

  • Control and manage the Category tree: 

    • Add, move, copy, and merge categories 

    • Edit, remove and delete a category

  • See category details like description, when it was created, and the last time it was used

  • View Category paths

  • View Category path IDs

  • View Category IDs


Categories in List View, Reading View, and Coverage Explorer 

List View



Reading View 



Coverage Explorer


Redesigned Relationship Settings 

This release introduces a new design, which now clearly indicates the direction of the relationship created between two items. 

@mention Feature in Review Comments

In a review, you can now use the @mention feature to direct comments to a specific reviewer. This is useful when you have several reviewers and need to direct a question to a specific subject matter expert.

  • Only users participating in the review appear in the list of possible reviewers who can be tagged with @mention

  • Anyone participating in the review can use the @mention feature to tag other participants

  • Comments that include @mention are highlighted by color.
    • Light yellow = comment for you.
    • Light blue = comment for another reviewer. 


To Use the @mention Feature:

  1. In a review, select the comment icon and type @ followed by the name of the reviewer. 


2. Type your message, then click Comment.

3. (Optional) To display only items where you are mentioned, select Filters > My mentions


Do you have feedback on the @mention feature? Join our Community where you can comment on this Ideation card.

Admin-Configurable Infotips for Field Labels and Pick List Values

Admins can now configure infotips for field labels and pick list values.

Because field labels and pick list values are concise by design, infotips can provide clarity on their meaning. This can reduce time to train new users and time spent by occasional users looking at help docs and wiki pages. It also reduces the risk of users misinterpreting field labels and pick list values.  


  • Are an optional configuration — Off by default when no text is present in the infotip; on automatically when text is present.

  • Can be configured by organization admins for both field labels (while configuring fields in item types) and pick list values (while configuring values in pick lists).

  • Are visible to any user with project access when they hover their mouse over a field label or pick list value, or when expanding a pick list selector.

Extended Capability for Calculated Fields for Risk Scoring

Admins can now use a calculated field as input to another calculated field within the same item (not across related items).

When you are configuring a calculate field, additional calculated fields only appear as an input option if they haven't already been used in any other calculations. Once a calculated field is used in another calculated field, it is automatically filtered out of future calculated input options. 

For example:

If field 3 = [field 1 * field 2], then field 5 can = [field 3 * field 4], so long as field 4 is not also a calculated field.


If field 5 = [field 3 * field 4] then field 7 can't = [field 3 * field 6] because field 3 was already used in another calculated field and won't show up as a calculation input option while you configure field 7. 

This feature is generically available for all calculated fields, but the intention is to better support our customers using Jama Connect for risk scoring activities. Having the ability to extend calculations means likelihood and probability scoring calculations can function as an input into overall risk and severity scoring calculations. 

In the future we will expand our support for formatted and logic-based results for calculated fields, adding methods to automate translation of risk scoring for end user. Watch for more improvements in future releases.

Remove and Recover Items From a Review 

With this release, review moderators can remove and recover items from active reviews without altering the project source.  

  • When you pair these actions with the Approval workflow, those items remain in their original state and aren't updated when the review is finalized. 

  • When an item is removed from the review and the review is republished, the item in the corresponding baseline is also removed. 

When items are removed, you can't:

  • Access Single Item View from the review

  • Approve, reject, or add comments

  • Edit the item 

To Remove Items From a Review:

  1. In the review, select the triangle drop-down menu next to the items you want to remove, then select Remove.

 The "Tagged for removal label" appears.  

2. Publish a new revision to remove the items from the review.

A label appears with the version the item was removed in. 


To Recover Items in a Review:

  1. In the review, select Recover to recover the item you removed. The "Tagged for recovery" label appears.

  2. Click Publish new revision to recover the item. 


New Report Role for Admins

For self-hosted customers, this release introduces a new report administrator role. Users who are assigned this role can configure reports from the Reports page in the Admin area of Jama Connect.

Note: Users must be a project administrator to modify project-specific reports on this page.

Report administrators can also share uploaded report templates with particular projects or the whole organization from here: Export > View All Templates > Upload a Template.

To assign the report administrator role to a user or group, select Report from the list of administrator options in the Edit permissions window. 

New Performance and Usability Guidance 

With this release, several new guidance messages have been added throughout Jama Connect. These messages are informational only and won't prevent you from completing the intended action. Additional messages will be added in a future release of Jama Connect. 

These messages are designed to:

  • Notify you when an action might have an unintended performance or usability impact

  • Provide insights into how the application can be used more efficiently

These messages now appear when you:

  • Create a review with more than 500 items

  • Send a review to more than 30 recipients

  • Copy a project with more than 10,000 items

  • Create a baseline with more than 1,000 items

  • Delete more than 500 items at a time

  • Send a notification to a large group of recipients


Updates From Customer Feedback 

New Option for Exporting Velocity Reports to Excel

As a root user, you can configure settings that allow users to export a Velocity report to Excel in XLSX format.

Users can now export directly to Excel rather than using the legacy format. 

  • In some cases, custom reports written in support of XLS format (legacy), might require minor formatting corrections.

  • This new option is available only for Velocity reports; for other report types, the XLS format (legacy) option is still available. 

  • This option is not enabled by default. You must manually configure this option for each report. 


New Community Report: "Baseline Diff One Column" Report

This release adds a new Visual Comparison Report. You can use a visually enhanced version of the Baseline Comparison Report to measure progress in your requirements from baseline to baseline. Similar to a Jama Connect version comparison view, you can configure, run, and export this new report.

You can also analyze requirement changes by looking for these indicators: 

  • Additions to text — Green text with green dotted underline

  • Deletions to text — Red text with red highlight

  • Deleted images — Border highlighted in red

  • Resized Images — Dotted-line border highlighted in blue

  • New images — Border highlighted in green

  • Changes to relationships — Appear the same as the original Baseline Compare report 

You will be able to access the reports to install from here: Baseline to Baseline Diff Community Reports GitHub repo

Do you have feedback? Join our Community where you can comment on this Idea card in our Customer Ideation Community.


New Quick-Add Option

You Can Now Access the Quick-Add Option From a Subset of Items: 

  • From Single Item View, select Sub-item widget > Arrow icon > Quick add

"Restore Defaults" Button Now Available in List View and in Reading View

You can now quickly reset your project List View and Reading View to the original administrator defaults in the Show/hide fields configuration panel. Enabled only for lists with single item types.  


Do you have feedback on this "Restore defaults" button? Join the conversation in this Jama Community Ideation card.


Report Type Identifier Added to Report Detail View

Report type is revealed in a newly added Report Detail area in the Run Reports module. 


Test Center Customization Options

For the Test Run Item Type, You Can Now Use Editor Templates in Custom Rich Text Fields:

  • Organization admins can configure the default Editor Templates for the Test Run item type in the Admin panel

  • Templates can be edited in the Test Execution window

  • To export the Editor Template information for a Test Run item: From Single Item View, select Export > View all templates > All Item Details, then click Run


Additional Updates

  • The Diagram Editor was upgraded to enhance usability and provide further support for character diagram rendering, including for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters. 

  • With this release, exporting using Velocity PDFs now supports additional languages. Prior to this release, if users authored content in Jama Connect in Japanese, Chinese, and/or Korean, it was not exportable to Velocity PDF.
    • The following languages are now verified as supported: Chinese, Albanian, Polish, Hindi, Portuguese, Punjabi, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Russian, Igbo, Serbian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Thai, Vietnamese, Georgian, Marathi, Greek, and Norwegian.

       *Velocity PDF exports cannot translate languages.


Usability Improvements

  • Updates to the Select items to baseline window, the Duplicate projects window, and the List View last saved information in the main header to make the data more consistent with current Jama Connect UI standards.

  • New slide-over panels are now enabled by default system-wide. Updated slide-over panels include Baselines item previewTrace view item previewAdmin activity historyAttachments preview, and Links preview. Enhancements include a more consistent UI, all slide-overs are now resizable, and linked items in other projects now open in a new browser tab.

  • The Export drop-down menu and window references "Export options" to be more accurate when referencing export types. Test runs and the Items with attachments widget now have updated UI and language on their Export drop-down menus. 

  • The inactive Collapse button has been removed from the tree’s temporary preview panel display.

  • Category type, project count, and item count have been added to the Selected category path header in the organization admin area of Jama Connect.
  • The Export drop-down menu has a new design and language pattern.

  • The Add drop-down menu now includes a plus icon. 

  • In List View or Reading View, the text for the "number of selected items" has been updated. 
  • Tooltips now appear when you expand and collapse the Explorer Tree. 

  • Item type names with more than 30 characters are now shortened to avoid text wrapping in the header. 

  • The Details option is now displayed at the top of the organization admin navigation panel.

  • In List View, Reading View, and Single Item View, labels on the action buttons now display the icon only (depending on the size of your screen).

  • The Admin panel is now resizable.


Updates to the Admin Workflow

  • A warning message now appears when you enable or disable the workflow for your organization.

  • A warning message now appears when a project manager enables or disables the project workflow override option for a project.

  • Drop-down menus are now searchable.

  • Workflow page layout has been updated for a better user experience. 


Additional Usability Improvements

  • Comments no longer allow "blank spaces only" in Reviews, Stream, and Single Item View comment streams.

  • You can now select a location with reused items and hover over an item with multiple permission restrictions.

  • You can now expand images in a review. 

  • In Reading View, certain fonts are no longer reduced in size. 

  • When a user with read-only permissions selects an item from List View or Reading View, they no longer see the Reuse button. 

  • When you reopen a saved and released Trace View, previously selected items are now saved. 

Notes for System Administrators

For MySQL Customers Only

Before upgrading Jama Connect, MySQL must be upgraded to version 8 to optimize performance. For more information, see "Performance Improvements" in these release notes. Known issues in earlier versions of MySQL with Jama Connect 8.71.1 might produce significant issues.      

Coming Soon - New Replicated KOTS-Based Tooling

Our partner Replicated is a leader in deploying cloud-ready infrastructure into self-hosted environments, including Airgap and customer-managed clouds. In keeping pace with best practices in tooling, Replicated has developed KOTS, which retains the simple installation, monitoring and updating options provided in previous Replicated versions, but updated to leverage KOTS. KOTS is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

As part of their Jama Connect 8.71.1 upgrade, early-adopter customers will transition to KOTS. This functionality will be available to all self-hosted customers with the Jama Connect 8.74 release. More information will be available as we approach the June 2022 target release date for Jama Connect 8.74.


Incremental Step Upgrade and New Database Schemas

If You Haven't Yet Upgraded to Jama Connect 8.62.x or Later

  • Before you install or upgrade to Jama Connect 8.71.1, you must first create two new database schemas to support the new options for SAML and OAuth authentication introduced in Jama Connect 8.62.0 and revised in Jama Connect 8.62.3. 

  • For the upgrade to succeed, organizations using Microsoft SQL Server must enter database users in Replicated. Without these entries, the installation or upgrade will fail. 

For more information, see Incremental Step Upgrade and Jama Connect 8.62.3 Release Notes.


Supported Software

For this current release (and for all self-hosted releases), we encourage system administrators to review the Supported Software information on the Jama Software User Community before upgrading.  


Container Artifacts

Replicated Release Number 2.53.0
Java Version (JDK_UPDATE)
NGINX_VERSION 1.18.0-2.el7.ngx

We regression-tested using Replicated 2.53.2 and recommend the use of the following script for the initial installation of Jama Connect. This will install Replicated 2.53.2: 

curl -sSL "https://get.replicated.com/docker?replicated_tag=2.53.2&replicated_ui_tag=2.53.2&replicated_operator_tag=2.53.2" | sudo bash -s no-auto


Airgap Environments

Airgap customers can download the required version of Replicated via https://s3.amazonaws.com/replicated-airgap-work/stable/replicated-2.53.2%2B2.53.2%2B2.53.2.tar.gz before installing the 8.71.1 Airgap file available in your portal. 


Resolved Issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-515 When you rename a test cycle, the new name now appears immediately when it's exported.
SOS-DEF-694 Now when you re-create a field with the same name as a field that was deleted, the name is saved as written.
SOS-DEF-1450 In List View and Reading View, unlocked items no longer display a user’s name in the Locked By field. 
SOS-DEF-2966 HTML tags no longer appear in the Activity Stream after you delete a comment from an item.
SOS-DEF-4175 HTML tags no longer appear in the Details Preview Panel when you add a relationship.
SOS-DEF-4519 Setting review page view to 250 items no longer results in significant delay in item load times.
SOS-DEF-4760 Relationships from deleted items now appear in Velocity baseline reports.
SOS-DEF-4800 In Single Item View, the Workflow field no longer switches between values when a corresponding item,  created by the Jama Connect API, uses a non-default value for that field.
SOS-DEF-4820 HTML tags no longer appear in the Activity Stream after you delate related items.
SOS-DEF-5069 When using the Diagram Editor, Japanese and Chinese characters are now saved and rendered correctly.
SOS-DEF-5085 Images resize and maintain their aspect ratio when exporting Baseline Comparison Report to PDF.
SOS-DEF-5089 The compare item view in the Review Center now shows heading numbers.
SOS-DEF-5099 Users can now relate a Test Case to a Test Plan without an error.
SOS-DEF-5204 The Item Path field is no longer displayed as a search filter option.
SOS-DEF-5243 As root admin, you can now edit an organization admin's username and license information.
SOS-DEF-5279 The # of Attachments field is no longer displayed as a search filter option.
SOS-DEF-5403 When you select a filter or test plan, the interface no longer switches to the Explorer Tree.
SOS-DEF-5422 In the "Update moderators/Add review/Request review delegation" windows, the placeholder text in the  search field is now cleared when you enter text.
SOS-DEF-5447 In the Participant progress tab of a review, the Time Spent column no longer appears when Enable time  tracking is not selected.
SOS-DEF-5499 A tooltip now appears when you hover over the Project Selector icon (<<) and space was added between  the divider for Modify | Remove.
SOS-DEF-5508 In List View or Reading View, you can now select more than 50 items and send them for review or select  Relate to existing.
SOS-DEF-5545 You can now lock items for test plans and test runs.
SOS-DEF-5548 When you hover over a test plan, the author's name now appears.
SOS-DEF-5562 When you select the Test Case widget for a test run in Single Item View, and the test case is downstream of a test run, an error message no longer appears.
SOS-DEF-5564 When using the Quick-add option, items are no longer duplicated if you click Save more than once.
SOS-DEF-5566 When you perform a sync with Crowd, large sets of users are now successfully removed.
SOS-DEF-5570 Associated test cases are now included when you send a review from a test plan.
SOS-DEF-5576 The second publish confirmation modal is no longer blocked by a continuous creating revision spinner.
SOS-DEF-5578 When you select View Moved Items in the Activity Stream, API IDs are no longer displayed in the content  header.
SOS-DEF-5582 The View details link no longer appears in the post-reuse content header.
SOS-DEF-5588 Exporting a Review that includes a Test Run with a rich text field does not show HTML markup.
SOS-DEF-5589 Licenses are now updated for users who are removed then re-enabled with Crowd sync.
SOS-DEF-5600 After adding HTML to the accepted attachments formats, Velocity reports are downloaded from the reports history page and opened in a new browser tab.
SOS-DEF-5604 When 'Allow multiple items with the same Global ID in a single project" is disabled, restoring an item will only generate a new Global ID when another active item has the original Global ID.
SOS-DEF-5624 Performance improvement related to View all locked items count.
SOS-DEF-5644 Editing and saving a review under specific conditions no longer results in a marshalling data error.
SOS-DEF-5648 Review names are now limited to 250 characters to match other text entry fields in Jama Connect.
SOS-DEF-5649 You can now create a category name with a pipe character (|), and when you select a category from the project Category Tree and its name includes a hashtag (#), an error message no longer appears.
SOS-DEF-5654 Updating Test Steps on a Test Case with the REST API no longer results in an error when attempting to view the Test Case.
SOS-DEF-5661 Number of relationships field shows correct values in Review Center reading view.
SOS-DEF-5669 In Review Center, the totals for Important and Open comments are now accurate.
SOS-DEF-5670 Moderator's abilities are no longer impacted when editing a review that is approved and finalized.
SOS-DEF-5677 In the header of the project activity stream messages, the inactive links to a baseline source have been converted to labels because routing to a baseline source isn't possible.
SOS-DEF-5680 The Review Center tab in the My Profile window has been updated to reflect the language change from "Follow" to "Subscribe." This change is consistent with the recently updated language in reviews.
SOS-DEF-5683 If a connection to the SAML or OAuth database is lost, the database connection is recovered.
SOS-DEF-5688 When you click on an item link from the Filters list, the "Find me" action now works correctly.
SOS-DEF-5702 Advanced filters now return results and are saved when using sub-queries, such as "has downstream items matching a filter" in a large data set.
SOS-DEF-5704 When all items are removed from a review, they are now correctly displayed when the option Show removed items is enabled.
SOS-DEF-5707 To prevent an error, you can no longer enter data in the Batch transition field. Instead, you must select a field.
SOS-DEF-5709 Custom date fields now show the correct date.
SOS-DEF-5719 You can now configure core fields in the "Items assigned to me" section of the projects dashboard.
SOS-DEF-5744 Users no longer receive a "TypeError" when reloading or opening a review.
SOS-DEF-5765 Batch edits on items of one type no longer result in those items adopting the Field ID value of a separate, unrelated item custom field.
SOS-DEF-5787 When you use a calculated field as input with another calculated field in the same item, you can now reuse and sync the item.
SOS-DEF-5788 Reviews created from Test Cycles now open when the Test Plan field is configured to display in the review's Reading View.
SOS-DEF-5791 An error message no longer appears when the Test Run's Field link is selected by an organization admin.
SOS-DEF-5793 When you batch-update multiple items, the Modified Date and Last Activity Date are now updated correctly.


Known Issues

 ID  Description
SOS-DEF-5728 If the tree hasn't been refreshed when trying to move a category that was already removed, the error does not display the correct message.
SOS-DEF-5733 "My mentions" quick filter in Review Center: When established Review Center comment @mention is edited or deleted, the count doesn't reflect the reduction.
SOS-DEF-5734 "My mentions" quick filter in Review Center: If a reviewer is tagged with @mention in the top level of the comment box (not attached to any item) in the feedback area, that count is reflected but now shows in the "Filter items by" results because it is not attached to any item.
SOS-DEF-5746 If Review Center comments are set to be visible form the project and the review is set to be private, users receive an error prompt "You don't have permission to perform the action." Selecting OK will allow the user to continue their work and view the Review Center comments. 

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