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Release Date AU/EU/US: 2021/10/27

Add Multiple Items with "Quick Add"

When brainstorming with your team, you may want to quickly capture the flow of ideas. In Jama Connect, the "Quick add" option lets you easily add multiple items using only the Name and Description fields. After you create the item, you can edit it to add more fields.

The "Quick Add" Option Allows You to:

  • Add up to 50 rows at a time.
    • Each row represents a single item that can be added to a set of like items. 
  • Use the tab key to quickly move across the table. 

Note: "Quick add" respects item-type configurations of the Description field (read-only, required field).

The Jama Connect Header Gets a New Look

This release continues the introduction of a new interface design for the Jama Connect content headers. For a consistent and organized user experience, we created a standardized design pattern to make actions and views more visible. Buttons replace drop-down menus and interactive links (breadcrumb navigation) now indicate the location in your project hierarchy. 

The header is divided into two sections:

  • Views
    • Information and actions that relate to the presentation of your data. 
  • Actions
    • The things you can do with the currently displayed content. 

Single Item View, List View, and Reading View

Review Center

Trace View

Integrating OSLC Model Connector with Jama Connect

With this release, you can now integrate the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) model connector with Jama Connect through Smartfacts. This integration provides clear visibility to model artifacts in real time, further enhancing your Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach.

Important: Contact your Jama Software Account Manager to set up access to the OSLC Model Connector and MID Smartfacts. For more information, see Jama Connect OSLC Model Connector Datasheet

In Single Item View, you can configure specific item types for the OSLC Model Connector using the OSLC Artifacts widget.

Support for WIRIS MathType Floating License

This release removes support for the WIRIS MathType named license. Jama Connect now supports the WIRIS MathType floating license. 

End of life for WIRIS MathType named license support

The MathType column was removed from the Admin Permissions table. 

For organizations that managed WIRIS MathType named licenses in the Admin Permission table, we recommend that you remove individual users to keep things organized.   

Jama Connect now supports the WIRIS MathType floating license

The WIRIS MathType Equations Editor requires a separate license. 

Contact your Jama Software Account Manager to:  

  • Inquire about purchasing a license. 

  • Convert existing WIRIS MathType named licenses to floating licenses. Self-hosted and Airgap environments with named licenses must complete this conversion before upgrading to Jama Connect 8.66.

Note: In Cloud environments, WIRIS MathType availability isn't impacted by this change.    

MathType and ChemType buttons are now visible to all creator users from any Rich Text Editor. 

  • Depending on license availability, creator users obtain a license by opening the equation editor. 

  • To release the license back to the floating license pool, close the equation editor. 


Usability Improvements

  • You can now resize review comment windows.

  • When you enable or disable workflow options in the Admin area, a confirmation window now appears.

  • From the item preview menu in Review Center, a "Go to item" link now appears in a new browser tab. 

  • Trace View filters now support multiple choices. 

  • On the Jama Connect homepage, you can now bookmark projects, components, sets, or folders so they appear under Bookmarks and remain in the Recently viewed sections.
    • Having them appear in both places allows you to keep track of recently viewed items even if you remove the bookmark. 
  • When you try to delete a filter that was used to create a review, a warning now appears. 

  • In Single Item View, a refresh button has been added to the content header. 

  • The "View all locked items" button was moved to the actions area of the content header. 

  • In Single Item View, you can no longer unlock an item while you edit.

Updates from Customer Feedback

  • In List View, you can now remove tags when you bulk edit items 

  • Project Admins can now unlock user-locked items in Single Item View.

  • Organizational Admins now have the ability to relate two locked items.

  • Test runs now remain open when a session has timed out. 

  • In the Reports tab of root admin, the "Restrict to Group" options are now listed in alphabetical order. 

  • New improved library to support PDF exports of Velocity reports.

  • You can now use "Find me" to locate a folder in a folder.

Notes for Self-Hosted Administrators

Elasticsearch Upgrade and Migration 

This release upgrades Elasticsearch to 7.10.2. For licensing reasons, Jama Connect was upgraded to AWS Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.13.2. After you upgrade, admins must re-index their instance. 


Incremental Step Upgrade and New Database Schemas

If You Haven't Yet Upgraded to Jama Connect 8.62.x

  • Before you install or upgrade to Jama Connect 8.66, we recommend that you first create two new database schemas to support the new options for SAML and Oauth authentication, which were introduced in 8.62.0 and revised in 8.62.3.
  • Organizations using Microsoft SQL Server must enter database users in Replicated for the upgrade to succeed. These entries are necessary for the installation or upgrade to succeed. 

If you would like more information, you can see Incremental Step Upgrade and Jama Connect 8.62.3 Release Notes.


Container Artifacts

Replicated release number 2.53.0
Java version (JDK_UPDATE)
NGINX_VERSION 1.18.0-2.el7.ngx

We regression tested using Replicated 2.53 and recommend using the following script for the initial installation of Jama Connect. This will install Replicated 2.53: 

curl -sSL "https://get.replicated.com/docker?replicated_tag=2.53.0&replicated_ui_tag=2.53.0&replicated_operator_tag=2.53.0" | sudo bash -s no-auto

Airgap Environments

Airgap customers can download the required version of Replicated via https://s3.amazonaws.com/replicated-airgap-work/stable/replicated-2.53.0%2B2.53.0%2B2.53.0.tar.gz before installing the 8.66 Airgap file available in your portal. 


Resolved Issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-344 When a new flag field is added to pre-existing items, a null value is now treated as 'false' in filter results.
SOS-DEF-1730 You can now generate a Trace View when items are added to a release that's open in List View.
SOS-DEF-1751 When "Include Unexecuted Test Runs in Status Calculations" is set to "No", calculations are now  displayed correctly.
SOS-DEF-2637  Locked items can be unlocked by a project admin with the appropriate permissions. 
SOS-DEF-4625 Users with create/edit permissions can now assign a test case to a test group from the API using POST /testplans/{id}/testgroups/{testGroupId}/testcases.
SOS-DEF-4847 API "GET users" is no longer case sensitive when you search by email.
SOS-DEF-4861 PowerPoint file attachments are now indexed consistently.
SOS-DEF-5044 When you batch edit items from filter results, you can no longer update release and tag values from another project.
SOS-DEF-5138 When the Rich Text Editor is maximized, the formatting bar and header are now correctly displayed.
SOS-DEF-5153 You can now save and add another item from Single Item View.
SOS-DEF-5302 You can now delete your reports from the Reports History. 
SOS-DEF-5314 After you change the workflow setting for an item type on the Project Admin page, the "Current Workflow State" option is now correctly displayed in Single Item View. 
SOS-DEF-5334 Project admins can now unlock single items in their assigned projects.
SOS-DEF-5358 When you export a Word document from a review, numbered lists are now displayed in sequential order. 
SOS-DEF-5364 When you send items for review, a notification now appears in the activity stream. 
SOS-DEF-5408 You can no longer create duplicate relationships from reuse and the option "Add relationship to original item."
SOS-DEF-5413 When the "Relate items" window is open, the "View all locked items" and "Send for review" buttons are now properly aligned. 
SOS-DEF-5423 The "Unlock item" tooltip now reflects the date and time format that was configured by the organization admin. 
SOS-DEF-5431 In the item set name of the breadcrumb link in Single Item View, special characters &, ", <, > are now displayed correctly. 
SOS-DEF-5449 Admin users can override workflow at the project level.  
SOS-DEF-5458 In List View, when you selected the option "Add Sub Attachment," an error occurred. This option was removed in this release.  
SOS-DEF-5476 You can now batch edit items from a smart filter list without receiving an error. 
SOS-DEF-5481 When you hover over an advanced filter, the name of the author now appears. 

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