Steps for Uninstalling and Reinstalling Replicated and Docker

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Author: Jonathan Rivera

Date: July 28, 2023

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Replicated and Docker are mismatched versions and not supported on the desired version of Connect.

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  1. Export the current Replicated settings. This will take out the guesswork of trying to reconfigure the Admin Console with prior settings, and you can use this config file to quickly re-import settings after Replicated is reinstalled.

    Run this command on the application thoroughly:
    replicatedctl app-config export --hidden > replicated.config
  2. Fully uninstall Replicated by running the following commands on the application server:
    systemctl stop replicated replicated-ui replicated-operator

    service replicated stop

    service replicated-ui stop

    service replicated-operator stop

    docker stop replicated-premkit

    docker stop replicated-statsd

    docker rm -f replicated replicated-ui replicated-operator replicated-premkit replicated-statsd retraced-api retraced-processor retraced-cron retraced-nsqd retraced-postgres

    docker images | grep "quay\.io/replicated" | awk '{print $3}' | xargs sudo docker rmi -f

    docker images | grep "registry\.replicated\.com/library/retraced" | awk '{print $3}' | xargs sudo docker rmi -f

    yum remove -y replicated replicated-ui replicated-operator

    rm -rf /var/lib/replicated* /etc/replicated* /etc/init/replicated* /etc/default/replicated* /etc/systemd/system/replicated* /etc/sysconfig/replicated* /etc/systemd/system/* /run/replicated
  3. Uninstall Docker.Wee refer customers to the Docker documentation to find steps relevant to their system. Typically, we expect self-hosted customers to be familiar enough with Docker to perform this step.

  4. Verify Docker is no longer installed by running this command on the application server.
    docker version
  5. Reinstall Replicated by running the following command on the application server. This will also install the correct version of Docker.

    Note: Make sure to replace <REPLICATED_VERSION> with the desired version. For example, 2Could you check.
    curl -sSL "<REPLICATED_VERSION>&replicated_ui_tag=<REPLICATED_VERSION>&replicated_operator_tag=<REPLICATED_VERSION>" | sudo bash -s no-auto
  6. Check that Docker is on the desired version by running this command on the application. 
    docker version
  7. Import the previously exported Replicated settings.
    replicatedctl app-config import < replicated.config
  8. Navigate to the Admin Console and start Jama Connect


This typically results from missing a step during the installation process, such as upgrading Connect without first running the curl command to upgrade Replicated. We have also seen mismatched Docker versions due to upgrades to Docker outside of the Replicated curl process.

Resolution: Following the above steps, you can reinstall Replicated and Docker to achieve the correct versions and align with the supported software.


Follow our documentation when upgrading Connect. Customers should avoid upgrading Docker beyond supported versions.


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