Jama Connect 9.x and future releases are only available via a KOTS deployment

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Author: Amanda Jennewein

Updated: June 2024

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Environmental details: Self-Hosted, Replicated - KOTS


Jama Connect 9.0 and future releases are only available via a KOTS deployment.

As announced previously and indicated in the Notes for Administrators section of the 9.0.2 self-hosted release notes - Jama Connect 9.0 and future releases are only available via a Kubernetes Off-the-shelf (KOTS) deployment. This transition began with Jama Connect® 8.74 in the Spring of 2022 and has been fully completed with 9. x.

Some important details:
  • We will still support prior releases in legacy/standard Replicated provided customers are within our published current and two prior (N-2) maintenance and support policies. 


Please look at the Jama Connect User Guide for resources and instructions for Upgrading from Jama Connect traditional to KOTS and then to Jama Connect 9.x When upgrading your install to KOTS, please pay particular attention to the “Before you upgrade” section and the steps noted:

  1. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to request a KOTS internet or airgap license.
  2. Choose the upgrade scenario that works best for your organization. Whichever plan you choose, expect production downtime while configuring the new instance. Best to upgrade during off hours.  (Please note: Upgrade scenarios are outlined in the referenced help documentation)
  3. Please follow the instructions in the Planning and Preparing sections to ensure a successful upgrade.  Please also pay special attention to the Preflight Installation Checks to plan your upgrade.  

As with any upgrade, we recommend closely reviewing the System Requirements and Supported Software in either the Help Guide or the Jama Connect User Community before upgrading.  

You can also submit an installation or upgrade service ticket with additional questions. This process will be used with any professional services you have available with Jama Software.

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