How to View All of Your Organization's Support Tickets

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Author: Amanda Jennewein

Date: June 6, 2023 

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Environmental details: Zendesk 

We use Zendesk, a cloud-based help desk management solution, for our service portal, knowledge bases, and online communities.


It is possible to view all support tickets for the organization you work for and subscribe to all ticket updates, including active tickets submitted by other users and previously closed requests.


  1. Log in to your Jama Software Support account.
  2. Then click on the Organization Requests tab on the right. This view shows all tickets opened by or for your organization. If you do not see this tab, you can have a Named Support Contact submit a support ticket to Jama Customer Support to ensure the correct level of visibility to your account. Note that enabling visibility to tickets is an organizational setting that allows any registered user in your company to log in and view all tickets submitted by your company.
  3. Finally, click the Follow button to be copied on all your organization's tickets and their updates. 



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